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TallyPrime offers four subscription plans to cater to different service needs – Silver Rental, Silver, Gold Rental and Gold. While there is no free trial or demo available, customers can always reach out to the customer support team to get more details about the pricing options. The Silver plan is available at a cost of INR 600 per month while the Silver package comes at INR 18000 per month. Gold Rental comes with a monthly fee of INR 1800 while Gold subscription plan costs around INR 54000 every month. With its comprehensive suite of features, TallyPrime helps businesses streamline their spending and allows them to monitor and control their expenses better.

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Price ImageSilver Rental
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TallyPrime Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing TallyPrime, the ultimate business management ERP tool designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. With TallyPrime, you can effortlessly streamline multiple functionalities such as invoicing, accounting, inventory management, banking, credit, cash flow, payroll, and more. This all-inclusive platform allows you to say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and focus on the growth of your business.

One of the key advantages of TallyPrime is its user-friendly interface that does not require extensive knowledge in accounting. It provides better control over your business's cash flow and enables you to generate accurate tax returns within minutes. The platform offers a learning Hub to assist you in getting started with making business reports, managing inventory, banking transactions, and much more.

Setting up TallyPrime is simple and effective for businesses of all sizes. The best part? You can enjoy superior functionalities for managing accounts, finance, and business inventory at no cost. Simplify your invoicing process, effectively track sales orders, and enhance the overall sales and purchasing process with TallyPrime.

Moreover, TallyPrime ensures the security and protection of your financial data through its built-in security tools. It also provides an E-banking facility for seamless electronic payments between banks. With its data synchronization solution, you can consolidate all your data in one place. Additionally, explore features like document management, vendor management, payroll management,and much more with TallyPrime.

Experience the power of TallyPrime today and witness how it simplifies your business operations while boosting efficiency and productivity.

TallyPrime Pricing Plans

TallyPrime offers various pricing plans to cater to the needs of different businesses. The pricing plans are designed to provide flexibility and affordability, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from TallyPrime's comprehensive features.

The Silver plan is ideal for small businesses and offers a single-user edition for standalone PCs. It is available as both a monthly and annual plan, with the annual plan offering better value for money. The Silver plan provides essential functionalities such as invoicing, accounting, inventory management, and banking.

On the other hand, the Gold plan is suitable for larger businesses that require multi-user access across multiple PCs on a LAN environment. Like the Silver plan, it is available as both a monthly and annual option. The Gold plan includes all the features of the Silver plan but also offers unlimited multi-user access.

By offering different pricing plans, TallyPrime ensures that businesses can choose the option that best suits their needs and budget. Whether you are a small business looking for basic accounting tools or a larger enterprise needing advanced functionalities, TallyPrime has a pricing plan for you.

  • Silver Rental

    The Silver Rental plan offered by TallyPrime is a pricing option designed for users who prefer a monthly payment structure. This plan provides access to the TallyPrime software without specifying its features or inclusions.

  • Silver

    The Silver pricing plan for TallyPrime offers a cost-effective option for businesses looking for a single user edition on standalone PCs. With its affordable pricing, businesses can benefit from the functionalities of TallyPrime without breaking the bank.

  • Gold Rental

    The Gold Rental pricing plan for TallyPrime offers an unlimited multi-user edition for multiple PCs on a LAN environment. This plan provides flexibility and scalability for businesses looking to manage their accounting and business processes efficiently.

  • Gold

    The Gold pricing plan for TallyPrime offers an unlimited multi-user edition for multiple PCs on a LAN environment. This plan provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability they need to effectively manage their accounting and inventory processes.


In conclusion, TallyPrime is a comprehensive business management ERP tool that offers a wide range of features to streamline and simplify your business operations. With its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans, TallyPrime is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to manage their invoicing, accounting, inventory, and more from one platform. The tool also provides built-in security measures to protect your financial data and offers additional features like document management and payroll management. Overall, TallyPrime is an efficient solution for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and focus on growth.