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Vue AI is a comprehensive suite designed to unify visual artificial intelligence (AI) and experience management. It provides users with a platform to design, build and manage highly interactive experiences by leveraging AI-driven insights. It also offers powerful tools to analyze user behavior, optimize user journeys and drive engagement while ensuring high-performance visuals. With Vue AI, businesses can create personalized experiences that go beyond simple customization, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

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Vue Ai Features

  • Vue Ai FeaturesImage Recognition : Helps identify and classify visual attributes in the products' images.
  • Vue Ai FeaturesData Prediction : Assists in predicting data or tags in accordance with past data and image recognition.
  • Vue Ai FeaturesRepository of Tags : Stores thousands of attributes and tags of all the categories in the repository.
  • Vue Ai FeaturesCustomizable AI : It has the ability to be trained and customized as per the goals and priorities of businesses.
  • Vue Ai FeaturesAudience Segmentation : Segregates the shoppers based on their shopping behavior, demographics, intents, etc.
  • Vue Ai FeaturesInstant Feedback iteration : Provides the best suitable suggestions to the users considering their feedback.