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Writesonic is an AI content-writing tool that offers two paid subscriptions - Long-form and Custom plans. The Long-form plan is designed for bloggers, freelancers, and other smaller businesses and costs $19 per month for 47,500 words of content per user. More users or increased word counts can be added at additional cost. Meanwhile, the Custom plan is suitable for larger organizations that need more functionality and customizability - reaching out to their sales team will provide further information on pricing options. Additionally, a trial version is available offering 6,250 words of content for a single user at no cost.

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Writesonic Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing Writesonic, the groundbreaking AI-powered writing solution that is revolutionizing the world of content creation. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, Writesonic is changing the game for writers, marketers, and e-commerce store owners alike.

With Writesonic, producing unique and engaging digital marketing content has never been easier. Its state-of-the-art natural language processing capabilities ensure accuracy and relevance in every piece of content created. Whether you're looking to optimize your website for search engines or create compelling social media posts, Writesonic has got you covered. Say goodbye to duplicate content issues with its AI technology that generates tailor-made content specifically designed to captivate your target audience.

In addition to its powerful features, Writesonic offers seamless integration with popular applications like Surfer SEO and Google Chrome, allowing users to streamline their writing tasks and enhance productivity. And with a free trial of 2000 words, you can experience all the benefits before committing to a paid subscription plan. Plus, with its comprehensive training academy and professional webinars, you'll have all the resources you need to maximize your writing potential with this game-changing AI software. Transform your writing process today with Writesonic and unlock endless possibilities for capturing your readers' attention and driving results for your business.

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic offers three pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The first plan is the Free Trial, which allows users to experience the benefits of Writesonic for up to 2000 words without any cost. This plan includes features like ChatSonic, AI Templates, Landing Page Generator, and more.

The second plan is the Long-form plan, priced at $19 per month. It includes all the features of the Free Trial plan and adds additional functionalities such as a Complete Article Rewriter, Bulk Processing, Surfer Integration, and priority access to new features. This plan is ideal for users who require advanced content creation tools and want access to premium support.

For those with specific requirements, Writesonic also offers a Custom Plan. This plan allows users to customize their number of words, number of users, and even AI development according to their needs. It also provides additional benefits like dedicated account managers, training sessions, and premium support. The Custom Plan is perfect for businesses or individuals with unique content creation needs.

Overall, Writesonic's pricing plans are designed to provide flexibility and affordability for users of all levels – from beginners to professionals. With its range of features and customization options, Writesonic caters to various industries and ensures that users can create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience.

  • Free Trial

    If you're interested in trying out Writesonic, the AI-powered writing solution, but want to test it out first, the Free Trial plan is a great option. It allows you to experience all the benefits of Writesonic without any commitment.

  • Long-form

    The Long-form pricing plan offered by Writesonic provides users with additional benefits and features to enhance their content creation experience. With this plan, users can take advantage of advanced tools and resources to optimize their writing process and achieve better results.

  • Custom Plan

    The Custom Plan offered by Writesonic is designed to cater to individualized needs and requirements. With a range of customizable options and additional benefits, this plan provides a tailored experience for users seeking a more personalized writing solution.


In conclusion, Writesonic offers a powerful and innovative solution for content creation. With its AI-powered features and advanced capabilities like SEO optimization and automated paraphrasing, users can effortlessly produce unique and engaging digital marketing content. The pricing plans cater to different needs, making it accessible for professional writers, e-commerce store owners, and marketing teams. The tool's integrations with popular applications like Surfer SEO and Google Chrome enhance productivity and streamline writing tasks. Whether you're creating blogs, social media posts, emails, or product reviews, Writesonic provides the tools to generate high-quality, SEO-optimized content that captures readers' attention and drives results for your business.