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BoardSpot offers a distinctive 14-day trial period during which users can freely access all premium features. Following the completion of the trial, individuals who are interested can choose from a range of paid plans with prices beginning at $105 per month and they can go up to $215/month.

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BoardSpot Pricing Plans & Packages

BoardSpot is a cutting-edge non-profit board portal that has revolutionized the way businesses organize their board and streamline their work processes. With its headquarters based in Colorado, BoardSpot has emerged as a leading platform since its establishment in 2019. By harnessing the power of advanced features, this tool empowers organizations to conduct meetings with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

BoardSpot offers a range of features designed to enhance collaboration and decision-making within organizations. Its effortless member management helps organizations easily add, remove, and update board members, ensuring that the right people have access to important information. The organized board structure allows for easy navigation and retrieval of documents, making it simple for board members to stay up-to-date on ongoing discussions and decisions. Additionally, BoardSpot provides secure document sharing capabilities, keeping sensitive information protected while enabling seamless collaboration among teams.

With an intuitive user interface and flexibility across desktop and mobile devices, BoardSpot ensures that board members can easily access and contribute to organizational matters from any device. This convenience allows for efficient meeting setups and fosters effective communication among team members. Overall, BoardSpot provides organizations with streamlined management, efficient member management, secure document sharing capabilities, and a user-friendly experience that promotes collaboration and productivity.

BoardSpot Pricing Plans

BoardSpot offers three pricing plans: Essentials, Standard, and Enterprise. These plans are designed to cater to the varying needs of organizations when it comes to board management and collaboration.

The Essentials plan, priced at $105 per month or $95 per year, provides essential features such as an agenda builder, 10GB document storage, calendar integration, member directory, and more. This plan is suitable for organizations with up to 50 users who require basic board management functionalities.

The Standard plan, priced at $215 per month or $195 per year, builds upon the features of the Essentials plan and offers additional functionalities like voting, private committees, restricted access guests, 25GB document storage, quorum tracking, and attendance tracking & reporting. It is ideal for organizations with up to 150 users who require more advanced board management capabilities.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan includes all the features of the Standard plan but caters to larger organizations with unlimited users. Priced on a custom basis, this plan offers additional benefits such as multiple boards included, 1TB document storage, custom API integrations for seamless workflow integration, self-hosted document storage for enhanced security control, dedicated customer success manager for personalized support, white-glove onboarding service for a smooth transition to BoardSpot's platform. Data migration services are also included in this plan to ensure a seamless transition from existing systems.

Overall, BoardSpot's pricing plans provide flexibility and value for money by offering a range of features tailored to different organizational needs. Whether it's small non-profits or large enterprises looking for streamlined board management solutions, BoardSpot has options that can meet their requirements.


    The ESSENTIALS pricing plan offered by BoardSpot provides organizations with a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to enhance their board management processes. With its affordable monthly price, organizations can benefit from advanced features and streamline their collaboration and decision-making.


    The STANDARD pricing plan offered by BoardSpot provides organizations with an enhanced set of features and capabilities to optimize their board management processes. With its comprehensive offerings, this plan ensures that businesses can streamline their operations and make informed decisions in a collaborative manner.


    The Enterprise plan offered by BoardSpot is designed to cater to the needs of large organizations and businesses with extensive board management requirements. This plan provides advanced functionalities and additional benefits for seamless collaboration and efficient decision-making within the organization.


In conclusion, BoardSpot is a comprehensive and user-friendly board portal that offers organizations a range of features to enhance collaboration and decision-making. With its affordable pricing plans and flexible options, BoardSpot ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from its advanced functionalities. From efficient document storage to customizable board structures, this tool streamlines the management processes for organizations while maintaining robust security measures. Overall, BoardSpot empowers businesses to conduct meetings with ease and efficiency, ultimately contributing to their overall success and growth.