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BoardPro provides top-notch, 5-star customer support with real-time live chat support, ensuring a human touch 24/7. When it comes to pricing, BoardPro caters to various sectors, including Commercial, Education, and Non-Profit organizations. Each plan includes three paid subscription tiers: Essentials, Premium, and Ultimate. The pricing begins at $1,500 annually per board for Essentials and can scale up to $4,000 annually per board for the Ultimate plan, accommodating diverse organizational needs and budgets.

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Price ImageEssentials
StartingUSD 1500/moBilled Monthly

The essential features for running your board efficiently. Create agendas, board packs and minutes, and other thoughtful features to streamline your processes.

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Price ImagePremium
StartingUSD 2500/moBilled Monthly

The essentials you need, along with premium features to optimize your board. Including annotations, voting, flying minutes, and between-meeting reports.

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Price ImageUltimate
StartingUSD 4000/moBilled Monthly

The premium features you want, enhanced with dedicated training and account management, and elite support for the busiest boards.

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BoardPro Pricing Plans & Packages

Managing a board of directors can be a complex and time-consuming task, but BoardPro aims to simplify and streamline the process. This cloud-based platform offers an intuitive interface that effortlessly organizes board workflows and daily enterprise functions. With BoardPro, say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more efficient way of managing your board meetings.

One of the standout features of BoardPro is its ability to generate completed documents automatically. No more searching for missing paperwork or worrying about essential documents – BoardPro takes care of it all. Plus, with support for multiple devices, you can access and manage your board documents from anywhere, at any time.

But BoardPro doesn't just focus on board management; it goes beyond that. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems, making it a comprehensive solution for all your business needs. From timesheets and invoices to approvals and production calendars, BoardPro has got you covered. And with 24/7 customer support and live chat available, help is always just a click away.

With BoardPro, boosting productivity, enhancing security, and empowering business leaders to make critical decisions has never been easier. Discover how this innovative platform can revolutionize your board management processes today.

BoardPro Pricing Plans

BoardPro offers three pricing plans: Essentials, Premium, and Ultimate. These plans are designed to cater to the diverse needs of commercial, education, non-profit organizations, and more. The pricing plans provide an overview of the features and benefits included in each plan.

The Essentials plan is the basic plan offered by BoardPro, providing unlimited users and essential features such as agenda building, board packs, minutes, actions, decision register, interest register, governance repository, and multi-factor authentication. It is a cost-effective option for businesses looking for a comprehensive board management solution.

The Premium plan builds upon the features of the Essentials plan and includes additional features like board pack annotations, voting capabilities, between meeting reports, flying minutes, and a 2-hour priority support target. This plan is suitable for organizations that require more advanced functionalities to enhance their board management processes.

The Ultimate plan is the highest-tier plan offered by BoardPro. In addition to all the features included in the Premium plan, it offers extra benefits such as two dedicated training sessions per year, a dedicated customer success representative, two data recovery events per year, and a 1-hour priority support target. This plan is ideal for businesses that require a high level of customization and personalized support.

Overall, BoardPro's pricing plans cater to different organizational needs and budgets. By offering flexible options with varying levels of functionality and support, BoardPro aims to provide a comprehensive board management solution that boosts productivity and empowers business leaders to make critical decisions with ease.

  • Essentials

    The Essentials pricing plan offered by BoardPro is designed to provide users with a comprehensive board management solution at an affordable price. This plan offers a range of features that cater to the needs of businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes.

  • Premium

    The Premium Pricing Plan offered by BoardPro provides an enhanced level of services and features for users. It is designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations that require additional capabilities beyond the Essentials plan.

  • Ultimate

    The Ultimate pricing plan offered by BoardPro is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for their board management needs. This plan offers advanced features and additional support options to enhance the board management experience.


In conclusion, BoardPro is an all-in-one board management solution that simplifies and streamlines the daily operations of businesses. With its cloud-based platform, intuitive interface, and ability to generate completed documents automatically, BoardPro offers a seamless and efficient experience for board meetings. The pricing plans, including Essentials, Premium, and Ultimate, cater to different organizational needs and budgets. With 24/7 customer support and live chat, BoardPro ensures that help is always available when needed. Overall, BoardPro empowers business leaders to make critical decisions with ease while boosting productivity and enhancing security.