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Ceipal ATS has a transparent pricing structure that revolves around a single subscription plan. This plan is offered on a monthly payment basis and requires a minimum of 5 users. The cost for the subscription is $24 per month, making it an affordable choice for organizations of varying sizes. Users have the option to request a free demo to thoroughly test the functionality and features of the platform. If satisfied, they can easily transition to the paid subscription. Additionally, Ceipal ATS provides reliable 24/7 customer support through various channels like chat, email, and phone, ensuring prompt assistance for any queries or concerns.

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Ceipal ATS Pricing Plans & Packages

Ceipal ATS is a cutting-edge talent acquisition platform that is transforming the recruitment process with its advanced features and AI-driven capabilities. With its highly scalable design, Ceipal ATS offers recruiters and staffing professionals unparalleled visibility across all channels and sources, creating a unified talent ecosystem. Founded in 2015, Ceipal has quickly grown to serve over 1,600 customers worldwide, supporting 120,000 recruiters in their quest to find the best talent.

This comprehensive solution simplifies data organization for recruiters by providing a user-friendly interface and customization options. Recruiters can personalize the platform to align with their specific needs and enhance efficiency in talent acquisition. The AI-enabled features such as application tracking system, AI Chatbot, passive candidate sourcing, and candidate sorting based on skills enable recruiters to efficiently identify, assess, engage, hire, and onboard top talent. Moreover, integration with over 25 job boards expands the reach of job postings while integrated search functionality streamlines the posting process. With dedicated mobile applications and a Google Chrome plug-in for enhanced user experience and productivity, Ceipal ATS is revolutionizing recruitment with its advanced technology and holistic approach to finding top talent.

Ceipal ATS Pricing Plans

Ceipal ATS offers three pricing plans: Ceipal ATS, Ceipal Advanced Automation Bundle, and Ceipal Workforce Management. These plans cater to different needs and budgets of organizations in the talent acquisition space.

The Ceipal ATS plan provides comprehensive features such as unlimited resume parsing, job requisition management, applicant acquisition, efficient onboarding, consolidated placement information, integrated CRM, recruitment lifecycle automation, hassle-free job posting, 24x5 support, plug-ins to integrations, free training, and more. It is a versatile plan that covers all the essential functionalities required for effective talent acquisition.

The Ceipal Advanced Automation Bundle plan focuses on providing advanced automation capabilities along with the core features of the ATS plan. It includes additional features like unlimited dashboards, reports automation, comprehensive job requisition management, dedicated support representative, and more. This plan is suitable for organizations looking to leverage advanced automation technologies to streamline their talent acquisition processes.

The Ceipal Workforce Management plan offers a more streamlined set of features focusing on essential aspects like resume parsing, job requisition management, hassle-free job posting, applicant acquisition, efficient onboarding, consolidated placement information, integrated CRM, recruitment lifecycle automation, and 24x5 support. This plan is ideal for small businesses or organizations with simpler talent management requirements.

Overall, these pricing plans provide flexibility and scalability to cater to the diverse needs of organizations in the recruitment industry. They offer a range of features that enable recruiters and staffing professionals to efficiently manage their talent acquisition processes while ensuring a positive candidate experience.

  • Ceipal ATS

    Ceipal ATS offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of recruiters and staffing professionals. These plans provide flexible options for users to access the comprehensive talent acquisition platform, ensuring that organizations can find the right plan that suits their requirements and budget.

  • Ceipal Advanced Automation Bundle

    Ceipal offers the Ceipal Advanced Automation Bundle as one of its pricing plans. This bundle provides customers with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to enhance their talent acquisition processes.

  • Ceipal Workforce Management

    The Ceipal Workforce Management pricing plan offers a solution for businesses looking to streamline their talent acquisition processes. With its comprehensive features and support options, this plan provides organizations with the tools they need to effectively manage their workforce.


In conclusion, Ceipal ATS is a highly scalable and AI-driven talent acquisition platform that revolutionizes the recruitment process. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, it offers recruiters unparalleled visibility into their talent pool and streamlines the hiring process. The pricing plans for Ceipal ATS are flexible and cater to the specific needs of recruiters, ensuring they get access to all the necessary tools and support. Overall, Ceipal ATS is a game-changer in recruitment with its advanced technology and holistic approach to finding top talent.