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Certainly IO is an advanced AI Chatbot specifically tailored for e-commerce enterprises. This powerful tool facilitates engaging and interactive conversations with customers, enabling businesses to provide exceptional customer service. Its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities enhance the business's ability to comprehend and interpret customer queries, ultimately fostering better customer understanding and satisfaction.

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  • Certainly IO FeaturesNatural language processing : Understands and interprets customer queries in a way that closely resembles human conversation.
  • Certainly IO FeaturesData Driven Optimization : Enables businesses to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their customer interactions.
  • Certainly IO FeaturesConversational AI ChatBot : Helps engage customers in dynamic and interactive conversations, creating a more personalized experience.
  • Certainly IO FeaturesAuto Responders : Provide instant responses to common customer queries, saving time and improving overall efficiency in customer support.
  • Certainly IO FeaturesMobile Support : Ensures that businesses can provide seamless customer support and engagement across various mobile platforms.
  • Certainly IO FeaturesIntent-Based Pop-ups : Offers relevant information or suggestions at the right moment to customers based on their past search history.

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    The integration with ChatGPT and processing for contextual language understanding and response is very complex and allows for hundreds and even thousands of tailored responses for our customer base. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

  • David E.Entertainment



    The UI inside the platform is a little clunky. I like the general idea of setting up a flowchart - it's a great way to visualize the conversation flows. But setting up and modifying modules is clunky and it can feel like it takes twice as many clicks as it should to set up and connect modules. Some functionality feels like a "hack" rather than a fully polished feature. I.e. while it is possible to start a conversation at a specific point in the tree based on the URL of the page the customer is on, it requires multiple rather un-intuitive steps. There is a tagging/labeling feature which let you designate colors & tags for modules, but I'd love to see this taken further. It would be easier to read the flow of your bot though if it was possible to say, draw boxes to designate certain "areas" / boxes (i.e. Technical support) Some of the webhooks are confusing to set up, at least as a non-programmer. BotXO has the right idea already by making pre-made templates. Some templates were confusing to set up though which caused some frustration. I'd imagine this would not be a problem for teams implementing the bot with programmer resources available. Not really a point regarding the software... but their help center could be more comprehensive. This has been mostly mitigated by their excellent support team, but I try to self-service whenever possible. There have been times where better documentation would've been preferred over filing a ticket.

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