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Deepbrain offers a range of paid plans to suit different needs. With pricing starting from $30/month, users can access the platform's advanced features and capabilities. The paid plans provide additional benefits such as increased video duration, priority support, and access to premium AI avatars. Whether the user is an individual or a business, this platform offers flexible pricing options to meet their video generation requirements.

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Deepbrain Pricing Plans & Packages

Deepbrain is revolutionizing the video creation industry with its AI-powered video generator. This groundbreaking platform uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to transform written texts into compelling videos in just minutes. Whether you're in the financial services, education, media, or retail industry, Deepbrain caters to your needs with its wide range of features and functionalities.

One of the key features that sets Deepbrain apart is its vast collection of AI avatars. These avatars come with distinct professional roles, adding a touch of realism to the generated videos. With over 200 AI voices available and more than 100 video templates to choose from, users have complete creative control and flexibility in creating their videos. Additionally, Deepbrain supports over 80 international languages, ensuring global reach with localized content.

With Deepbrain's user-friendly interface and intuitive platform, creating professional videos has never been easier. From converting PowerPoint presentations into engaging videos to automatically generating subtitles for wider audience comprehension, Deepbrain offers a range of tools to enhance your video production process. Join the revolution and harness the power of artificial intelligence with Deepbrain to personalize your videos, reach diverse audiences worldwide, and make a lasting impact with your content.

Deepbrain Pricing Plans

Deepbrain offers three pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. These plans provide access to a range of features and tools that empower users to create professional videos with ease.

The Starter plan, priced at $30 per month or $24 per year, is designed for individuals or small businesses. It offers 10 minutes of video creation per month, up to 6 scenes per video, and the ability to choose from over 100 AI avatars. This plan also includes no watermark on the generated videos and supports more than 80 languages and voices.

For more advanced users or businesses with higher video production requirements, the Pro plan is available at $225 per month or $180 per year. This plan offers 90 minutes of video creation per month, up to 20 minutes per video, and up to 25 scenes per video. In addition to the features included in the Starter plan, the Pro plan provides API access for integration with other platforms and priority video processing.

The Enterprise plan builds upon the Pro plan by offering additional features such as up to 50 scenes per video, 24/7 priority support, and the option for custom AI avatars. The pricing details for this plan are not specified in the given information.

Overall, Deepbrain's pricing plans cater to a wide range of users and budgets while providing access to powerful AI-driven video creation capabilities.

  • Starter

    The Starter plan offered by Deepbrain provides an affordable option for users looking to access the platform's video creation capabilities. With this plan, users can get started with Deepbrain and explore its features and benefits at a budget-friendly price.

  • Pro

    The Pro pricing plan offered by Deepbrain is designed for users who require more advanced features and capabilities in their video creation process. This plan provides enhanced functionality and options to cater to the specific needs of professionals and businesses.

  • Enterprise

    The Enterprise pricing plan offered by Deepbrain is designed to cater to the needs of businesses and organizations with advanced video creation requirements. It provides additional benefits and support for those who require a higher level of customization and professional assistance.


In conclusion, Deepbrain is a game-changing AI-powered video generator that offers an array of features and pricing plans to cater to various industries and production needs. With its advanced technology, extensive collection of AI avatars, and customizable options, Deepbrain empowers users to create professional videos with ease. The platform's support for multiple languages and the ability to convert PowerPoint presentations into engaging videos enhance accessibility and global reach. Whether you're in finance, education, media, or retail, Deepbrain provides the tools to make a lasting impact with your content.