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Visual Studio provides a free version for individuals, while businesses can choose from subscription plans ranging from $45 to $250 per month. The pricing structure is flexible and caters to the specific needs and demands of organizations, granting them access to an extensive range of features, tools, and dedicated support designed for professional development teams.

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Visual Studio Pricing Plans & Packages

Visual Studio is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools to create a wide range of software solutions. With its continuous updates and enhancements, Visual Studio ensures that programmers have access to the latest features and technologies. This versatile IDE supports multiple programming languages and caters to the needs of developers across various industries.

Designed for both seasoned professionals and beginners, Visual Studio offers a vast selection of extensions and plugins that enhance productivity and streamline the development process. The IDE includes powerful testing tools, AI-powered assistance with IntelliCode, and cross-platform compatibility, making it suitable for developing web applications, GUIs, web services, and more. Additionally, Visual Studio's integrated debugging capabilities allow developers to easily identify and fix issues in their code.

With customizable themes and an intuitive user interface, Visual Studio provides a seamless coding experience. Whether you are an individual developer or part of a larger organization, Visual Studio offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs. Try out Visual Studio for free as an individual user or explore the different subscription plans available to unlock all the benefits this exceptional IDE has to offer.

Visual Studio Pricing Plans

Visual Studio offers flexible pricing plans to cater to the needs of businesses and enterprises. The Professional Subscription plan starts at $45 per month and includes access to Azure DevOps (Basic plan) and the Visual Studio Professional IDE. This plan is suitable for developers who require a comprehensive toolkit for their development projects.

On the other hand, the Enterprise Subscription plan is priced at $250 per month and provides additional features such as Azure DevOps (Basic + Test Plan) and the Visual Studio Enterprise IDE. This plan is ideal for larger organizations that need advanced testing capabilities and a more robust development environment.

The pricing plans for Visual Studio reflect its position as a leading Integrated Development Environment in the market. By offering different subscription options, Visual Studio ensures that developers have access to the tools and features they need, while also providing flexibility in terms of budgeting and scalability. Whether you are an individual developer or part of a large organization, Visual Studio has pricing plans designed to meet your specific requirements.

  • Professional Subscription

    The Professional Subscription is one of the pricing plans offered by Visual Studio. It provides users with access to a range of tools and features that support their development endeavors.

  • Enterprise Subscription

    The Enterprise Subscription pricing plan for Visual Studio offers a comprehensive package of features and tools specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses and enterprises. With its robust capabilities, this plan provides developers with a powerful toolkit to enhance productivity and streamline their development process.


In conclusion, Visual Studio stands out as a powerful and versatile IDE that offers developers a comprehensive toolkit to create a wide range of software solutions. With flexible pricing options catered to businesses and enterprises, Visual Studio ensures that developers have access to the latest tools and features necessary for efficient coding. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Visual Studio is an indispensable companion that enhances productivity and streamlines the development process. Unlock the full potential of this exceptional IDE by choosing the pricing plan that suits your needs and experience the benefits firsthand.