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Descript is a well-known AI video and audio editor that can not only edit numerous video and audio files but also add various changes to them. The tool can create high-quality voice clones, add subtitles and captions to videos, etc., with ease.

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  • Descript FeaturesRealistic Voice Cloning : Uses advanced algorithms to create text-to-speech models of users’ voices.
  • Descript FeaturesLive Multitrack Transcription : Allows users to automatically transcribe while they are recording with ease.
  • Descript FeaturesTemplates : Comes with numerous greatly designed layouts, social clips, etc., to add.
  • Descript FeaturesSpeaker Filtering : Users can create different caption styles for different speakers for differentiating.
  • Descript FeaturesContent Marketing : Helps teams to create content for their TikTok and YouTube channels.
  • Descript Features4K Export : Allows users to export 4k videos 10x faster than other editing tools.

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  • Samantha BennettFounder & CEO



    I use Descript to create scripts for webinars and podcasts. I find the system very easy to use, and I like the ability to share, comment, and edit. I can see that Descript has a lot more functionality than I am currently using, and I look forward to exploring those new features. But for now, the plain old visible transcription service works well for me.
    I like the sidebar - breaking my scripts up into different "chapters" makes it easier to create quickly. I like that it auto-corrects punctuation, capitalization, etc. as I polish the scripts. It's easy for my team and my collaborators to read/listen, remark, and create useable transcripts.

  • Mark W.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)



    Downloaded the app and checked it out on an easy test. Unlike other apps (, for example), it doesn't separate the speakers & the accuracy was pretty low. I also use Trint which seems to have better IA. It seems to me that Descript is trying to do too much and doing none of it very well. And here's the real kicker: after installing the app, I noticed the next day that my computer was sluggish. It took longer to boot & programs that normally load in five seconds were taking up to a minute or more. I trashed the Descript app but it didn't help (even after reboot). So, I then went through and deleted all the supporting files for Descript and voila!... back to normal. Review collected by and hosted on

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