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ELSA Speak is an AI English-speaking coach which comes with a plethora of features that helps students and business employees to improve their English pronunciation by providing personalized lessons and exercises. Although ELSA Speak has a free plan with a 7-day trial period, users can opt for its Pro version with a starting price of $11.99/month.

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Price ImagePro version
StartingUSD 11.99/moBilled Monthly

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Price ImageELSA Speak for Businesses
StartingUSD 103.5/moBilled Monthly

51-100 users

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Price ImageELSA Speak for Schools
StartingUSD 54.19/moBilled Monthly

51-100 students

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Elsa Speak Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing ELSA Speak, the groundbreaking AI English-speaking coach that is transforming the way individuals enhance their English-speaking abilities. With its cutting-edge technology and real-time feedback, ELSA Speak provides users with seamless pronunciation assistance and a focused learning experience. What sets ELSA Speak apart from other platforms is its ability to recognize speech patterns of non-native speakers, thanks to its advanced AI technology developed using voice data from diverse English accents worldwide.

ELSA Speak offers a range of plans tailored for both students and professionals, making it accessible to anyone looking to improve their English-speaking skills. Users can access personalized content including thousands of speaking exercises, lessons on various topics, and even an IELTS speaking score predictor. For businesses, ELSA Speak not only enhances employees' English communication skills but also offers cost-effective alternatives to traditional classes. Additionally, the platform provides valuable performance feedback for employers and creates opportunities for employee engagement through games and communities.

With its mobile app available on iOS and Android devices, ELSA Speak ensures accessibility anytime and anywhere without compromising on content quality or features. The platform's smart learning system evolves by analyzing user performance, providing a personalized curriculum for faster improvement. Whether you're a student aiming for better grades or a professional seeking career growth, join over 13 million users from 100 countries who have already experienced the benefits of ELSA Speak – start your journey towards fluent English communication today!

Elsa Speak Pricing Plans

ELSA Speak offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Pro version is available at a monthly price of $11.99 or an annual price of $74.99. This plan includes features such as 3000+ lessons covering 44 English language sounds and various topics, an ad-free experience, a daily customized coaching program, detailed analysis of your speaking score, and tools to track your progress and achievements.

For businesses, ELSA Speak offers a monthly plan priced at $103.5 or an annual plan priced at $100.3. This plan provides access to ELSA Pro along with over 5,000 lessons and exercises, custom assignments and lessons, reporting and analytics features, as well as virtual onboarding sessions for seamless integration into the organization's training programs.

Schools can also benefit from ELSA Speak with their dedicated pricing plans. The monthly plan is priced at $54.19 while the annual plan is priced at $52.49. These plans offer ELSA Pro access, access to over 5,000 lessons, reporting and analytics capabilities for teachers to track student progress, the ability to manage classes and create study sets, as well as virtual onboarding sessions for easy implementation within the school curriculum.

These pricing plans allow individuals, businesses, and schools to choose the option that best suits their requirements while providing access to ELSA Speak's advanced AI technology for improving English-speaking skills. With its affordable pricing options and comprehensive features, ELSA Speak stands out in the market as a valuable tool for language learners worldwide.

  • Pro version

    The Pro version of Elsa Speak offers a pricing plan for individuals looking to improve their English-speaking skills. With its competitive pricing, users can access a range of features and benefits that help them enhance their language fluency.

  • ELSA Speak for Businesses

    ELSA Speak offers a specialized pricing plan for businesses looking to enhance their employees' English-speaking skills. This plan provides cost-effective alternatives to physical classes and includes additional features tailored specifically for businesses.

  • ELSA Speak for Schools

    ELSA Speak offers a dedicated pricing plan designed specifically for schools. This plan provides schools with access to ELSA Pro, along with additional features to support the management of classes and create customized study sets.


ELSA Speak is an innovative AI English-speaking coach that offers a range of plans tailored for students, professionals, businesses, and schools. With its advanced AI technology and personalized content, ELSA Speak helps users improve their English-speaking skills with ease. The platform's pricing plans provide flexibility and affordability, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Whether you're a student looking to enhance your fluency or a business wanting to improve employee communication, ELSA Speak offers the tools and features to help you achieve your goals. Join the millions of users worldwide who have already benefited from ELSA Speak and start your journey towards fluent English communication today!