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FlowGPT is an incredibly powerful prompt generator that helps you create your own custom conversation flows using natural language processing (NLP) technology. It empowers users to create unique conversational experiences with ease by providing them with a library of pre-defined prompts based on their desired industry or use case.

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FlowGPT Features

  • FlowGPT FeaturesPrompt Categorization : Eases the work of users by categorizing the prompts as per the use cases.
  • FlowGPT FeaturesContextual Information : Offers relevant information or suggestions based on the context of a conversation.
  • FlowGPT FeaturesKnowledgeable Discussion : Shares knowledge about ChatGPT and its prompts through discussions forum.
  • FlowGPT FeaturesBrowser Extension : Offers better user experience through Chrome extension
  • FlowGPT FeaturesPrompt Saving and Sharing : Allows to share and save used prompts for future references
  • FlowGPT FeaturesChatGPT Playground : Completely integrated with ChatGPT and allows users to try its services.

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FlowGPT Ratings and ReviewsFlowGPT Ratings and Reviews

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