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Google Analytics, a web analytics service from Google, is an invaluable asset for business owners looking to get the most out of their websites. With real-time insights into website visits, page views, user behaviors, and more at their fingertips, businesses can analyze engagement levels and adjust content accordingly to maximize results - allowing them to make smart decisions that will help keep them ahead of the competition.

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About Google Analytics

Google Analytics Features

  • Google Analytics FeaturesAll-In-One Dashboard : Comes with a dashboard allowing users to get all the insights in one place.
  • Google Analytics FeaturesAdvanced Search Bar : Comes with an advanced search bar that uses AI to provide relevant data to users.
  • Google Analytics FeaturesReal-time User Overview : Provides real-time data about users’ data and their behavior across multiple channels.
  • Google Analytics FeaturesExploration Templates : Offers multiple pre-made templates allowing users to get an overview of traffic data.
  • Google Analytics FeaturesData Import : Allows users to import their first-party data and utilize it with their Analytics data.
  • Google Analytics FeaturesCloud-Based : Helps users to check for various insights on the go without installing the app.

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Google Analytics Ratings and ReviewsGoogle Analytics Ratings and Reviews

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  • G2
  • GetApp
  • Trustradius
  • Capterra
Top Reviews
  • John Loftis, CFEProduct Marketing Manager



    Using web analytics is critical in understanding how people use your website. Whether you are trying to analyze customer behavior, find out how people are navigating to your website, or even success of marketing campaigns, Google Analytics has proven to be an essential tool that I use on a daily basis.

  • Benjamin LipsmanManager of Internet Marketing



    We use Google Analytics to track traffic to our websites, identify segments (e.g. organic, referral, mobile/tablet), track conversion for various goals (lead collection and revenue), monitor use of new features, etc.