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Google Analytics opens the door to a world of powerful insights - allowing users to monitor their website and track visitor engagement, keep an eye on real-time data, and analyze trends over time. Through its free web analytics service accessible from anywhere via Android or iOS apps, understanding your site's performance is easier than ever.

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Positive Comments
  • Patrick BuffumMarketing Communications Analyst

    Google Analytics was used within my organization to track our website's traffic. The metrics that we gathered and reviewed included CTR, unique visitors, pages viewed and time spent on the site. It was used primarily by the marketing department with relevant information relayed to sales. We didn't use it to address business problems per se, but rather to calculate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns through web traffic.

  • Lena PrickettMarketing Manager

    Google Analytics is currently being used in my organization by the Marketing department to capture overall data on web traffic, determine keywords for SEO, track which pages are most/least trafficked, and where we are losing visitors (bounce rate, exit pages etc). We also track clicks referred by our enewsletter. Google Analytics helps us determine which types of content are popular; which referral sources generate the most traffic; and which navigation paths our users take through our website. We are planning to make use of some of the more advanced features like goal conversion down the line, so we can identify exactly which paths lead to conversion and which keywords are the most valuable for our conversion goals.

  • John Loftis, CFEProduct Marketing Manager

    Using web analytics is critical in understanding how people use your website. Whether you are trying to analyze customer behavior, find out how people are navigating to your website, or even success of marketing campaigns, Google Analytics has proven to be an essential tool that I use on a daily basis.

Negative Comments
  • Verified UserAnalyst

    We used Google Analytics (GA) to help many of our clients run A/B Tests and other personalization campaigns through tools such as Adobe Target, Optimizely, Google Optimize, etc. While we also used GA for general site deep-dive data inquiries, we were primarily focused on leveraging it to aid our analysis regarding our testing programs.
    There were times where data was literally incorrect (not even close to being correct at times). There is little to no tech support (obviously if you are using the free version especially). Adobe's tech support, in contrast, isn't amazing, but it at least exists. GA's data sampling can lead to confusing or unhelpful results. It may be the single least-intuitive tool I've ever used. It's not built for A/B testing and personalization campaigns if that's what you're considering leveraging it for (in other words, it will be a bit duct-taped together to get it to do what you need it to do). 2 segment maximum is extremely limiting. No ability to gather HIT-level insights. Segment builder is cumbersome.

  • Mathias AmoduCEO

    Google Analytics is used by me as an administrator in my company. We basically use it to target most of audience when advertising with this platform, because it converts well.
    The site should be made simpler to use The site should all forms of ATM cards The site be able to send monthly reports to users

  • Rigel CableDirector, Data Analytics

    Google Analytics (standard) is a robust package for free usage. It's essential for any business that is not investing in a major paid platform (like Premium). About 10% of my clients use Google Analytics standard instead of a premium or paid analytics platform.
    Sampled data (unlike Premium)
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  • lucyflemming

    Good analytics tool for analyzing the intelligence features your site is getting on a day to day basis.

  • axcqhsbsadoukciozt

    They collect so much personal data that even the NSA is jealous