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Grammarly is one of the most advanced AI writing tools which is known for its accuracy and quality. Real-time proofreading allows you to review your content on the go. It even notifies you of errors as they occur, allowing you to correct them in real-time.

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Positive Comments
  • Alex ChapmanCo-creator

    I use Grammarly for all the writing and online posting that I do. I am in the top 85-95% of users regarding the number of words it checks (i.e., relatively high). Grammarly is an excellent tool that has greatly improved my ability to write extensively and produce clear work over the past few years.
    Simplifies language, removes extraneous words. Suggests better wording. Fixes typos and subject-verb tenses. Overall, excellent proofing tools.

  • Verified UserTeam Lead

    Grammarly - A must-have tool for any professional. [I've been] using it for the last couple of years and it helps you checking spelling and grammar in almost all the apps installed on your device. It helps you everywhere in your daily tasks either you are creating a presentation, preparing some document, or writing/replying to your ton of emails. It always works like an assistant who reviews your work and helps and improves you[r writing] in an effective way.
    Free - obviously the best part. Work as a Chrome extension. Spell check, grammar correction. Easy to use.

  • Verified UserAccount Manager

    Grammarly is being used across our entire company. It enables us to double-check our work and make our communication the best it can be. Grammarly helps us eliminate errors and find the proper words to express our style and tone. We would be lost without it, and recommend it for companies of any size.
    Enables everyone, no matter their skillset, to be great writers Confirms accuracy when communicating with clients A great learning tool!

Negative Comments
  • Verified UserConsultant

    It helps us writing emails in the correct format, create documentation for different projects. With the help of Grammarly, the context will look rich with good new words and perfect grammar. It is so easy to use as it can be added as an extension to the browser and automatically detects the errors and provide a solution for them as well.
    There is still scope for the use of Grammarly in different platforms. Can include few more things in the free version. It should be great if you could add sentence substitution.

  • Josh RizzoMarketing Director

    I use this as a double-double-check for emails and other marketing copy. It is also compatible with most websites and apps that I use across the internet which is really helpful.
    Doesn't always work using Brave Browser. It doesn't work well for me using Gmail.

  • Verified UserStrategist

    Grammarly is an absolutely brilliant tool that helps improve communication with clients and internally, ironing out miscommunications by strengthening the meaning behind the message. It’s really straightforward to use and actually teaches the user better ways of saying what you actually mean. It helps shorten comms and makes it easy to save time back and forth.
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  • insidesystem

    The tool not only helping me correct a lot of typos while I write but also help me learn English with proper grammar, with proper usage of "a/the", with "on/in/at" and many other things. It's also helping me sounds better. Also, I tried alternatives to Grammarly, and all of them much worst then Grammarly. If someone knows better alternative except ProWrittingAid - leave a comment below mine. Cons: - price for premium - too high, really too high, I can't afford i...

  • candykatkittylichious

    Grammarly is a proven keylogger. Its premiums are too expensive, and it's extremely English centered. There are several glitches as well, and it took forever to get Google Docs support, and it's not very good. Glitches include underlines in the wrong places when the text is long (it can't seem to keep track of any kind of deletion or the field moving), underlines for the wrong things (again, problems with deletion. Every single time it's a word that I deleted what feels like an hour ago), delet...

  • Vinch

    After one year of using Grammarly in a professional context, I decided I didn't like it. As a non-native English speaker, it is practical for me to identify mistakes and correct typos on the go. On the other hand, its excessive suggestions often change the meaning of the text, which IMHO is unacceptable. It has too many glitches, and I suspect it to slow down my old computer a lot. It often interferes with my mouse pointer when I edit text, which is highly annoying. This review will be the l...

  • ikimmybee

    The free version is a great tool for basic grammar and spelling checks. However, it often freezes my MS Office apps and I find that disabling the app resolves the issue. Oftentimes, it gets a little bit intrusive with other things that I have to shut it off. Other than that, I hope it wasn't laggy with apps where I need it most.

  • CaptainHindsight

    Very helpful for certain kinds of grammar errors. Premium is very expensive, I heard it's not worth it and they don't have a test account so I am not getting it.

  • kfua

    Grammarly log everything you type, better try LanguageTool, which is Open source and doesn't track you.