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ChatGPT is a breakthrough AI program that keeps on learning from its past conversations with users to provide personalized content. Apart from this, its user-friendly interface allows users to use its services more conveniently. As it is trained using the InstructGPT model, ChatGPT is highly optimized for dialogue-based content deliveries.

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  • 4.6
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  • cnejfelt

    I was one of the lucky ones who applied for ChatGPT before the mainstream media blew it up to attract venture capitalists. During that time I used it to help me learn Python (then again, if it can program this effectively, why am I even learning programming?). It's able to use your own examples and walk you through it if you ask it. It does occasionally have errors that even when I point it out it can't fix, but overall it's an amazing tool. And an amazing insight into our future where no job ...

  • stoyangenov

    It's very versatile in the way you can modify and optimize your requests and how the output can be grouped and sorted. I am frankly... amazed... it can save a lot of time of sorting and browsing information, if you put a well thought out request!

  • undeniably_lizard

    Pretty cool. Successfully demonstrates the capabilities of AI in a wide range of topics. Even though it is not a full-on search engine alternative, it may be useful when a ELI5 explanation is needed.

  • oasis00

    Well, it is deferentially a breakthrough! It is a good helper on various regular tasks! I am very excited about the future!

  • GMON

    Its very Impressive technology but they want you to sign up with your full name and telephone number. Hard pass.

  • MartinKong

    I like ChatGPT because it improves communication and acts like a tutor when I have questions.