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Hotjar is a web analytics tool designed to help website owners analyze user behavior. It offers features such as heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys to provide a comprehensive view of how visitors interact with a site. This data-driven approach enables businesses to make informed decisions to enhance their websites, improving user experience and conversion rates. Hotjar empowers website owners to make data-driven decisions to ensure their online presence is more engaging and effective.

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  • Hotjar FeaturesVisualize User Behavior : Allows you to visually map and analyze user interactions on your website, helping you understand their journey.
  • Hotjar FeaturesReal-time Suggestion Box : Receive live feedback from users, making it easy to gather suggestions for immediate improvements.
  • Hotjar FeaturesMulti-Device Support : Compatible with various devices, ensuring you can analyze user behavior across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Hotjar FeaturesEasy Installation : Hotjar's setup is user-friendly, making it quick and hassle-free, with compatibility across popular platforms.
  • Hotjar FeaturesExport and Share : Share your Hotjar findings effortlessly with a simple link, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Hotjar FeaturesPre-built Survey Templates : Offers ready-made survey templates, simplifying the process of gathering user feedback and insights.

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  • Trevor A.Product Owner, CRO Services



    Overall: Hotjar does exactly what I need: gives context to the issues I see in GA, and allows me to get into the mind of the user with greater depth.

  • Gianluca G.Web developer



    On the free account, when you fill the available recording snapshot slots, you have to delete some and restar the recording service manually. Review collected by and hosted on

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