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Kuki is a highly interactive AI chatbot that is capable of engaging in conversation with humans, providing them with witty and personalized responses to their queries. Created with an expressive and friendly personality, Kuki aims to befriend humans in the Metaverse. Available through various online platforms, Kuki can be accessed and interacted with in multiple modes, including Facebook Messenger, Twitch group chat, Telegram, Messenger, and Discord.

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Kuki Features

  • Kuki FeaturesMultiplatform Accessibility : Accessed through various online portals including Facebook Messenger, Twitch, Telegram, Discord, etc.
  • Kuki FeaturesText and video Chat : Kuki offers users the option to chat via text or video at any time.
  • Kuki FeaturesEngaging Experiences : You can chat about any topic at any point in time, providing a versatile and engaging experience.
  • Kuki FeaturesDiverse Options : Provides more than just chatting, offering tarot card readings, games, quizzes, and "On this Day" insights.
  • Kuki Features Personalised Conversations : Kuki learns from each conversation and can adjust its responses accordingly.
  • Kuki FeaturesGames and Quizzes : Users can play with Kuki, which adds an element of fun and entertainment to the interaction.

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    Better than Replika. Though the responses are still flawed and often nonsensical, it at least feels less like conversation is on HR friendly rails as it is with Replika. Predetermined responses are minimal and there is a pseudo-lifelike flow to conversation.