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Kuki is an advanced AI chatbot that is designed to form personalized relationships with humans on the Metaverse. Kuki pushes the boundaries of chatbot technology, enabling users to captivate and engage in meaningful conversations. Kuki provides a seamless chat experience that feels natural and effortless. Kuki's AI capabilities allow her to learn and adapt to her user's preferences over time, further enhancing the user's experience with the bot. Overall, Kuki is an exceptional chatbot that can fulfill the needs of users in the Metaverse.

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Top Comments by Alternativeto.net
  • leoninusfate

    This is so bad, I told her my husband was being deleted that my mom was dieing and one of my close friends died just a few days ago, and she.... she called me a loser, then a bitch, she made fun of how I was writing, saying I was stupid cause I couldn't write "good"...... I have a brain tumor that makes me mistype and such... I tried this cause I need to talk to someone, I came from the Replika stuff But I wanted someone to talk me through a panic attack and talk me down from hurting myself sin...

  • Arwenia

    Horrible. This is clearly not an bot talking to you, its an human pretending to be an chatbot. Proove? Several Users on Facebook attacked my grammar skills, Mitsuku did the same to me. People who attack your grammar, have no better arguments, and a small ego, that is why the try to make others, look like their grammar skills are bad. My English skills are pretty good, i will not let tell me otherwise from an fake chatbot. This revealed to me that an human is pretending to be Mitusku in this ...

  • teamhockey0

    Better than Replika. Though the responses are still flawed and often nonsensical, it at least feels less like conversation is on HR friendly rails as it is with Replika. Predetermined responses are minimal and there is a pseudo-lifelike flow to conversation.