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Labguru is a revolutionary lab management platform that grants researchers unprecedented convenience and accuracy. With the ability to access data from anywhere across any device, managing protocols, info sets, and inventory has never been simpler or more organized. What's more - its intuitive user interface makes it easy for even tech novices to utilize without hassle.

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Top Comments by G2
Positive Comments
  • Elisa C.Lab Director

    It allows to effectively organise your stocks, whether they are cells, reagents or rodent specimens. Allocate them to locations (rooms, racks, boxes) and consume reagents in the experiment records helps keep track of what needs ordering. The experiments can be created, organised, moved and even saved as protocol templates which allows flexibility, as it does the option to link resources. To import and export list of any stocks is very easy and fast using the excel templates. As a manager, is very easy to distribute roles and access to the different users. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Andy H.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    Excellent customer service. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Fabian S.Doktorand:in

    Labguru facilitates data storage and lab management. The possibility to have a highly detailed digital labbook is, in my opinion, crucial for modern research. The accessibility of Labguru makes it easy for new lab members to understand the organization and to get familiar with protocols and storage. Furthermore, in 1.5 years using Labguru I only faced problems getting access to Labguru once, indicating the high reliability of the software. Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Neema A.Lab Assistant

    I don't like how confusing the user interface is, how expensive it is. The tutorial videos are hard to find and locked, you can only watch a video of your choice if you have watched all the others. The stock organizing interface is very hard to use and painstakingly it takes a long time to update and upload content. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in BiotechnologySmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    The addition of the new members is too complicated. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Medical DevicesSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    The process to move items between collections can be made easier Review collected by and hosted on

Top Comments by Capterra
  • Lucie K.Lab Technician

    Overall: In a nutshell, Labguru allowed us to conduct scientific activities quickly and efficiently. The entire platform is made to offer a customized experience based on the needs of the company. Its really interesting for young startups like Equaly to start with LabGuru, since it can evolve and adapt to our changing needs along with the development of our company.

  • Jennie Y.Principal Scientist

    Overall: Amazing experience. Tracking and usage of antibodies and when any reagents are consumed. Help us to keep track of consumables and when to order items in good time. Labguru helped us to keep track of when to clean, calibrate, service and audit (etc) equipments so we don't need to rely on the use of google calendar for example.

  • Elisa C.Verified LinkedIn UserLab Director

    Overall: We have put Labguru at the centre of our day to day labwork, both for lab management and to organise experiments and data. We migrated our consumables, mice list, etc using their template files and use it daily to log experiments, data and protocols.

  • Anindita S.Postdoctoral scholar

    Overall: I feel Labguru has its own set of advantages but at the same time, it has some risks associated with it. So, I believe the company should bring about some changes in its data backup policies, most importantly, to be in the competitive market.

  • Yasmin C.Senior scientist II

    "Customizable ELN with amazing customer support"

  • Brian K.Assistant Professor

    "Labguru is a great choice for academic labs."