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SciNote is a cutting-edge Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) software that excels at streamlining inventory tracking and expertly managing essential lab stock. In compliance with stringent industry regulations like CFR 21 part 11 and GxP, it ensures data integrity and security. Its robust integrations and sophisticated API capabilities foster seamless collaboration, improving overall lab efficiency and productivity in scientific research.

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Top Comments by G2
Positive Comments
  • Umed T. B.Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

    SciNote is the most intuitive and descriptive electronic lab notebook that could be found to date. It immensily helps to stay organized and make important notes during the experiments. The layout of the website make it very easy to find necessary experiment, tasks, and the specific steps. Morevover, it makes it much easier to stay organized and keep track of experiment progression. The ability to share planned experiments and assign the task helps to keep all the project members organized. Seamless dulication of every aspect of the experiments provides the sought-after release from the necessaity to re-write every step over and over again - all is needed is to modify key steps for the given experiment. Review collected by and hosted on

  • KARAN S.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    The Layout is perfect! It provides a seamless workspace. While they are still improving, the ELN does provide a base for efficient reporting of data. Navigating through each section is simple and quick. Not to mention the commenting section does provide a good basis for optimally reviewing data. And the Autosave feature a plus, without us having to worry about data loss while working. Also, creating templates for similar experiments is much easier. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Caitlin M.Senior Research Scientist, RNA Biology

    The capabilities to organize experiments within folders, and tasks within experiments, are sophisticated enough to represent the logical relationship of experiments and tasks to one another. Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Linnea S.Research Associate

    The user interface has a terrible design, if you try to work off of what feels intuitive on the site, you end up doing the wrong thing and accidentally canceling the upload of work. Assigning permissions to projects and documents is a headache, and it constantly times out without telling you, so you'll be working on something, go to save it and find out that it didn't save because you need to log in. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in BiotechnologyMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    Cannot have consistent workflow. User interface consistency and small bugs are the worst. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Food & BeveragesMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    It's very clunky. It's not super intuitive so it can be difficult to navigate, and there are many seemingly redundant steps that it requires you to complete. It's also not super well integrated with other tools such as excel or JMP, so it's not a useful tool for managing large amounts of data. Review collected by and hosted on

Top Comments by Capterra
  • Casandra R.Senior Research Program Officer

    Overall: It's been wonderful to have all of our team's data in one place - easily coded/laid out for quick access and sharing. It was tough initially to get all lab members to buy in and make the transition, but I think even they see the value in this new electronic lab notebook now!

  • Elaine H.CEO

    Overall: It takes a while to transition over from paper/electronic templates since there are so many ways to use SciNote. However, it is a very useful platform that makes all our work accessible to our team, which has been critical over the pandemic.

  • Leah W.Bioengineer

    Overall: I overall have a positive experience using Scinote, and have recommended the product to a few grad student friends.

  • Justin R.Verified LinkedIn UserPostdoctoral Fellow

    "SciNote - Great Intro to ELN & Inventory Mangement"

  • Nicole C.Research Associate

    "The best so far"

  • Arpita A.Senior Scientist

    "Very organized "