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meetingRoom simplifies the switch between virtual meeting platforms, minimizing interruptions. Easy setup with just an internet connection, intuitive design for custom rooms and file sharing, and immersive features enhance collaboration. It saves time and space, replacing costly conference rooms, while offering top-notch security and diverse room options for global participants.

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Positive Comments
  • Verified User in BiotechnologyMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    It is a very helpful app as it allows for me to communicate with my peers and work efficiently with my workspace without having to move and relocate. I love how it allows for me to communicate easily and effectively. Sometimes I thought that this app was better than other apps just because of how easy it was to use. My friends and coworkers all love this app. I am hoping this app continues to succeed. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Lani P.DV/SA Specialist

    I have used a couple meeting platforms and I think MeetingRoom is the easiest to use by far. The layout is clear and nice. And generally the quality of the meeting is nice if you ever have to watch it on playback later Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Law PracticeMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    I really enjoy that we just get a code and log in. There are no special apps you have to download or already have just log in online and you could watch the same demo. When you are in the meeting you could also send messages to your peers. Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Krista S.Director

    It may be just me but the applications seems to glitch a lot requiring me to restart. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Staffing and RecruitingSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    Sometimes theres a lag when opening the software and my computer freezes up. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Individual & Family ServicesMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    I dislike that the platform isnt always the most simplified. Review collected by and hosted on