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Novel AI is an innovative AI storyteller and image generator that allows you to craft compelling stories in no time - featuring vibrant characters, captivating plotlines, and eye-catching visuals. This tool unleashes your creative potential to bring your narratives to life.

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  • Novel AI FeaturesMultiple Writers’ Styles : Capable of producing novel-like writing with the style of different authors.
  • Novel AI FeaturesMultiple Themes-Based Images : Allows users to generate images that are based on multiple themes, like dark fantasy, etc.
  • Novel AI FeaturesUser-Friendly Interface : Has a user-friendly interface making the tool easy to use and navigate.
  • Novel AI FeaturesImport Stories : Allows users to import their old written stories from AIDCAT or AIDWI.
  • Novel AI FeaturesLorebook : Remembers users’ world-building stories for the tool to follow the storyline.
  • Novel AI FeaturesFree To Use : Comes with a free trial period allowing users to use premium features with ease.

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Novel AI Ratings and ReviewsNovel AI Ratings and Reviews

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  • Jennifer L.Customer Service Representative



    NovelAI is a good option for stimulating creativity, by entering promts. It can also help me when I get struck on details, searching for the right word or phrase. It has helped to broaden my horizons creatively and easy to use. There are alot of ways to customize exactly what you need, like being able to specigt the kind of promps you're looking for and change the style, and images are also avaiable. I have used it on new and existing. Integrating a docment with the software is quick and easy by pasteing a story I've already been working on into the platform. There also options for importing and exporting files. Review collected by and hosted on

  • SUDHARSAN M.Market Research Analyst



    The current pricing structue may be prohibitive for some users , especially those who are just starting out or have limited budgets Review collected by and hosted on

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