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Nynja provides users with a choice of four plans, which encompass a free option along with Entrepreneur, Pro, and Enterprise tiers. The paid plans commence at an affordable monthly rate of $3.99 for Entrepreneur and $9.99 for Pro. For details on the Enterprise plan, users are encouraged to get in touch with their sales team. Furthermore, Nynja offers free trials for all premium plans, including its complimentary plan option.

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Nynja Pricing Plans & Packages

Nynja is an innovative all-in-one communication platform that is revolutionizing the way people connect and collaborate. By combining instant chat, video conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing, and more into a single product, Nynja provides a fast, easy, and reliable solution for seamless communication.

What sets Nynja apart is its focus on streamlining workflows and driving meaningful dialogue. With powerful group and P2P conferencing, real-time translation and transcription, as well as conversational AI tools, Nynja ensures that users can communicate effectively without any barriers. This platform eliminates the need for multiple communication tools and high-cost IT services by offering unlimited storage, on-the-go transcription & translation, and HD voice and video conference calls.

Whether you are a business or an individual user, Nynja offers a range of monetization opportunities to suit your needs. From premium groups to flexible financial commitments and crypto-currency support, Nynja provides complete control over transactions. With its universal payment methods and case-by-case file management, you can manage your finances efficiently while enjoying the benefits of unified communication in one place. Experience the power of Nynja today!

Nynja Pricing Plans

Nynja offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. These plans include the Free plan, Entrepreneur plan, Pro plan, and Enterprise plan. Each plan comes with its own set of features and benefits.

The Free plan is a great option for individuals or small teams who are looking to experience the basic functionalities of Nynja. It includes one seat, up to 3 meeting participants, 40-minute meetings, 5 GB of Nynja Drive storage, and audio recording. This plan allows users to get a taste of what Nynja has to offer without any financial commitment.

For those who require more advanced features and capabilities, the Entrepreneur plan is available at a monthly price of $4.99 or an annual price of $3.99 per user. It offers 1-5 seats, up to 50 meeting participants, unlimited meeting length, 5 GB of Nynja Drive storage, 500 MB file sharing and transfer, audio and video recording, sync across unlimited devices simultaneously, and more.

The Pro plan is designed for larger teams or businesses with more extensive communication needs. Priced at $12.99 per month or $9.99 annually per user, it offers 6-100 seats, up to 150 meeting participants, unlimited meeting length, 50 GB of Nynja Drive storage, 2GB file sharing and transfer, audio and video recording, company branding options, and other advanced features.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan caters to organizations with over 150 meeting participants and greater storage requirements. This plan offers all the features available in the Pro plan along with additional benefits such as unlimited activity export and corporate admin controls.

Overall, Nynja's pricing plans provide flexibility and scalability for users ranging from individuals to large enterprises. The variety of features offered in each plan ensures that users can find a suitable option based on their specific communication and collaboration needs.

  • Free

    The Free plan offered by Nynja provides users with an option to access the platform without any cost. It allows users to experience the basic functionalities of Nynja without committing to a paid subscription.

  • Entrepreneur

    The Entrepreneur pricing plan offered by Nynja is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. It provides a cost-effective solution for companies looking to enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities without breaking the bank.

  • Pro

    The Pro Pricing Plan offered by Nynja provides a comprehensive and advanced communication solution for businesses and teams. With its powerful features and capabilities, this plan is designed to enhance collaboration and productivity.

  • Enterprise

    The Enterprise pricing plan offered by Nynja is designed for businesses and organizations that require advanced communication and collaboration features. With its robust capabilities, this plan provides comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of large-scale operations.


In conclusion, Nynja is a comprehensive communication platform that offers a wide range of features to enhance collaboration and productivity. With its seamless integration of chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and more, Nynja simplifies workflows and eliminates the need for multiple tools. The pricing plans cater to different user needs, from the free version for individuals to the enterprise plan for larger organizations. By unifying communication needs in one place, Nynja helps users save time and money while staying secure. Experience the power of Nynja today and revolutionize your communication and collaboration processes.