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PTC Creo is an automated computer-aided software and a product lifecycle management solution that enables manufacturers and engineers to visualize and share 3D CAD product information, models, assemblies, drawings, images, and documents for visual collaboration. It even enables organizations to create, analyze view, and leverage product design downstream utilizing 2D CAD, 3D CAD, parametric and direct modeling.

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  • PTC Creo FeaturesDigital Engineering : Helps to identify and eliminate risks that might arise in the project design.
  • PTC Creo FeaturesService Optimization : Involves close interaction between customer and provider that bear-human factors and uncertainties in comparison to a manufacturing process.
  • PTC Creo FeaturesDigital Manufacturing : It is comprised of simulation, 3D visualization, analytics, and collaboration tools to create product and manufacturing processes simultaneously.
  • PTC Creo FeaturesDocument Management : Helps you to capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing fields, and digital images of paper-based content.
  • PTC Creo FeaturesSupplier Management : It helps to improve the quality of design and delivery of goods and services, and also reduces cost, and improves the relationship with suppliers.
  • PTC Creo FeaturesCompliance Management : It helps to detect compliance violations and also ensures that the company complies with security standards and regulatory policies and more.

PTC Creo Ratings and ReviewsPTC Creo Ratings and Reviews

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    Our mechanical engineering department uses PTC Creo to design mechanical components of electronic products. For us, a lot of the time this means an enclosure, but we also design mechanisms as well. The bulk of our designs will be molded plastic parts and we occasionally will design with sheet metal or other cast metal materials as well.
    Extrudes are easy in Creo, you can start with the tool or with a sketch and either way it doesn't get confused. Sweeps with Creo are better than in some of the other software packages. While sometimes other CAD packages will let you do the impossible, Creo simply gives you an error, which is how it should be. Assembly is very intuitive with Creo.

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