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Quickdraw is a fast-paced online game where players race against the clock to sketch objects in 20 seconds or less. The game utilizes a neural network AI to analyze and make informed guesses based on patterns. With over 50 million publicly shared drawings, Quickdraw is not just a game but also the world's largest doodling dataset, contributing to machine learning research.

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Quickdraw Features

  • Quickdraw FeaturesDrawing Access : Users can explore a vast collection of drawings created by people on the platform.
  • Quickdraw FeaturesDrawing Examination : Allows users to examine their drawings identified by the AI to learn different drawing styles.
  • Quickdraw FeaturesDrawing Eraser : Comes with an eraser for users to easily erase their drawings for refinement.
  • Quickdraw FeaturesShare Art on Social Media : Users can share their drawings with friends and followers on popular social media platforms.
  • Quickdraw FeaturesOptimized Input : Is optimized for both touchscreen devices and mouse input for an intuitive drawing experience.
  • Quickdraw FeaturesSave Drawings : Allows to save drawings for future reference or further editing.

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