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Quickdraw is an online drawing game developed by Google. Its drawings have a dual function: fueling the game and creating a massive dataset. With millions of drawings, categorized by country, timestamp, and class, the publicly available dataset intrigues those fascinated by the relationship between human creativity and machine intelligence. Accessible via different platforms, users can explore and analyze the data to reveal insights like cross-cultural drawing differences and the neural network's classification of diverse styles.

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Top Comments by Capterra
  • Spencer W.Verified LinkedIn UserCirc Dir

    Overall: We are getting a historical representation of our newspaper distribution, down to each of the very locations we distribute to. It is very important for a newspaper company to have accurate info regarding readership, esp. in this day-and-age: most of all, for auditing purposes in regards to viability and advertising. However, the software could be more intuitive and user-friendly. Dumbing down the interface would allow for greater companywide use, especially between sales and circulation, would be a welcome change. Currently it is very limited in that capacity. Otherwise, as a new software, the thing works, and that's most important. It just takes a bit of tinkering at first, and a lot of customer (technical) support.

  • Kevin J.Distribution Coordinator

    Overall: This program makes tracking your distribution easy! I started using it a little over a year ago and had to ask my boss what they used before. The answer was excel. That sounds miserable. I can track returns easily by location, business type, etc. There are easy to read graphs and the information are broken down in a very good way. Really I don't have anything bad to say about it besides that it is in the process of being improved so right now some functions are a little funky. Either way, if you are in charge of distribution or if you are a publisher, you need this. It will change your perception of distribution and save tons of time.

  • Richard T.Associate Publisher

    Overall: We are able to better serve our advertisers, which leads to more money for our company. It also makes our deliveries a lot less stressful. We can give our delivery drivers route sheets and know they're accurate.

  • Berl S.Publisher

    Overall: We use to try to keep tre k of route in Excel. What a pain. And Excel cant produce reports.

  • Verified ReviewerVerified LinkedIn UserSpecial Projects Director

    Overall: We now have a professional distribution management system!

  • Trevor Lee H.Distribution Manager

    Overall: Analytics