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Regie AI is a powerful AI-based tool that helps sales professionals create personalized email sequences easily. It leverages NLP to accurately capture customer information and generate highly personalized emails, ensuring maximum engagement with customers. Its tailor-made templates and automated response feature make it especially useful for small businesses, allowing them to reach more prospects with fewer resources, while also providing insights into their customer journey. Regie AI helps salespeople increase efficiency and save time by automating the most tedious parts of the outreach process.

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  • FeaturesEmail Analysis : Provides detailed analysis of emails based on certain metrics to maximize conversion rates.
  • FeaturesAI Content Rephraser : Assists in rephrasing the content to make it more engaging without disturbing its original meaning.
  • FeaturesCampaign Insights : Helps track performance indicators of campaigns like open rate, click-through rate, lead score, etc.
  • FeaturesAuto-save : Automatically saves the content drafts from time to time to avoid loss of data.
  • FeaturesA/B Testing : Helps in assessing different versions of emails in order to identify the best suitable one.
  • FeaturesCustom Campaign Workflows : Helps create workflows customized based on the specific needs or journey of each customer. Competitors Ratings and Ratings and Reviews

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  • Jeremy K.Chief Executive Officer


    /5 takes the work out of one of THE hardest part of writing cold email - the first draft. It successfully takes 1-2 pain points, 1-2 value propositions, and turns them into a first draft of several emails. It includes multiple A/B variations and even spells out principles of cold email copy that are industry best standards. The end value for me as a marketer is well worth the price. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Finn D.SDR



    The second is perhaps worth a re-think - the credit system Regie uses isn't super straightforward - you'd think that with 15 credits you get to generate 15 different messages - but I'm not quite sure how exactly it operates - charging several credits to generate messages and charging more to re-write the messages. As a result I was left rather surprised when I had gone through my free-trial credits very quickly. I would suggest re-thinking the amount of credits that get used as it is easy for people running a test of the product to not get the most out of it. Review collected by and hosted on Pricing

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