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Resemble AI is revolutionizing the text-to-speech market with its unbeatable combination of quality and affordability. From a free trial to competitive prices starting at $0.006 per second, individuals and businesses alike are discovering that this platform not only provides top-notch synthetic voices but also enables custom voice creation tools - all while offering an easy user interface for rapid results.

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Pay-as-you-go for custom voices built on the platform, $0.006 per second

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Resemble AI Pricing Plans & Packages

Resemble AI is revolutionizing the world of voice AI with its groundbreaking toolkit for generating voice AI. With smart and advanced solutions for automated text-to-speech and speech-to-speech conversion, Resemble AI has captured the imagination of businesses worldwide. Its innovative technology allows businesses to create emotionally connective and meaningful interactions with their target audience.

Resemble AI offers a diverse range of voices in multiple languages, empowering businesses to create highly engaging content while catering to their global audience. The platform provides a comprehensive and convenient hub to build, administer, and analyze voice-based projects. With an intuitive dashboard that puts all the power of their tools in one place, users can easily create impressive results quickly. Resemble AI's ability to create unique voices through voice cloning technology ensures a suitable voice that fits each brand's target audience. Additionally, features like personalized character voices and translation capabilities further expand reach and improve brand visibility.

Resemble AI Pricing Plans

Resemble AI offers two pricing plans: Basic and Pro. The Basic plan includes features such as web-recorded custom voices, access to over 50 marketplace voices, unlimited users, API access, unlimited projects, pay-as-you-go payment structure, and unlimited audio downloads. This plan is available for both monthly and annual subscriptions.

On the other hand, the Pro plan includes all the features of the Basic plan but with additional functionalities. These include the ability to upload custom data for voice generation, enhanced emotion control for more expressive voices, speech-to-speech conversion capabilities, low latency APIs for real-time applications, voice creation API for programmatic access to voice generation, and cross-lingual support in 24+ languages. Similar to the Basic plan, the Pro plan is also available as both a monthly and annual subscription.

These pricing plans cater to businesses of all sizes and types who are looking to leverage Resemble AI's voice AI technology for their projects. The Basic plan provides an affordable entry point with access to a wide range of voices and tools, while the Pro plan offers advanced features for businesses with more specific requirements. By offering flexible pricing options and a comprehensive set of features, Resemble AI aims to empower businesses worldwide in creating engaging and personalized voice interactions with their target audience.

  • Basic

    The Basic pricing plan offered by Resemble AI provides businesses with an affordable option to access their voice AI services. This plan caters to a wide range of needs and allows businesses to leverage Resemble AI's capabilities at a cost-effective price point.

  • Pro

    The Pro pricing plan offered by Resemble AI provides advanced features and capabilities for businesses looking to take their voice AI projects to the next level. With its enhanced functionality, this plan offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the specific needs of businesses in various industries.


In conclusion, Resemble AI offers a groundbreaking toolkit for businesses to revolutionize their voice AI solutions. With its diverse range of voices and the ability to create unique voices through voice cloning technology, businesses can create highly engaging and emotionally connective interactions with their target audience. The platform's intuitive dashboard and affordable pricing plans make it convenient and cost-effective for users to access top-notch quality audio content. Additionally, features like personalized character voices and cross-lingual support further enhance brand visibility and expand reach. Overall, Resemble AI is a must-try solution for businesses looking to enhance engagement through voice AI technology.