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Play HT is an innovative AI-powered platform with extraordinary capabilities like text-to-voice conversion and video dubbing. It has a great range of services for all needs, including a free package that offers up to 5000 words per month! Users can upgrade their experience by choosing from the affordable premium plans starting at just $39/month – perfect for any budget without compromising on quality.

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Introducing, the revolutionary AI text-to-voice generating platform that is set to transform the way we create realistic text-to-speech audio. With an extensive library of over 900 AI voices in multiple languages and accents, offers the most advanced synthetic voices available on the market. Say goodbye to robotic and monotone speech and embrace the natural charm and fluidity of human-like voices. provides a versatile solution for all your audio needs, whether it's for commercial use or personal projects. This cutting-edge platform allows you to convert text into high-quality audio within minutes, eliminating the need for laborious manual recording. With API access for developers, opens up endless possibilities for integrating state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology into your projects.

Customize your audio experience with options such as adjusting speed, pitch, volume, and even adding pauses or sound effects. Whether you're creating marketing materials or recording your own audiobook, guarantees clear and natural voices that will captivate your audience. Don't miss out on this game-changing platform – start using today! Pricing Plans offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different audio needs. The Free plan allows users to enjoy up to 5,000 words per month, with access to all ultra-realistic and premium voices. This plan is suitable for non-commercial use and requires attribution to

For those seeking more advanced features and unlimited access, the Professional plan is recommended. Priced at $39/month or $29.25/month when billed annually, this plan offers 600,000 words per year, audio previews, unlimited downloads, and a commercial license. Users can also enjoy all premium voices and work on unlimited projects.

The Premium plan is designed for users who require unlimited voice generation capabilities and additional features. Priced at $99/month or $49.50/month when billed annually, this plan includes all premium and ultra-realistic voices, a pronunciations library, white-labeled audio players, and other advanced customization options.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan caters to larger organizations with additional requirements such as team access, ISO/SOC2 certifications, multiple voice clones, single-sign-on (SSO), dedicated account managers, onboarding and training support, API and voice cloning technical support, as well as service level agreements (SLA).

Overall,'s pricing plans provide flexibility and options for both individual users and businesses looking to leverage AI text-to-voice technology in their projects.

  • Free

    The Free Pricing Plan offered by provides users with a no-cost option to access their platform. It allows users to take advantage of the Play HT services without any financial commitment.

  • Professional

    The Professional pricing plan offered by Play HT is designed to meet the needs of users who require a more comprehensive and advanced text-to-voice solution. This plan offers enhanced features and capabilities for a seamless audio creation experience.

  • Premium

    The Premium plan offered by provides users with an advanced and comprehensive solution for their audio needs. With this plan, users can access a range of premium features and benefits that enhance their text-to-speech experience.

  • Enterprise

    The Enterprise plan offered by is designed to cater to the needs of businesses and organizations seeking premium features and enhanced support. With a focus on team access, certifications, and dedicated customer support, the Enterprise plan provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to integrate cutting-edge text-to-speech technology into their projects.


In conclusion, Play HT is an impressive AI text-to-voice generating platform that offers a wide range of features and pricing plans to suit any audio project. With access to over 900 AI voices in various languages and accents, users can create natural-sounding speech that surpasses traditional robotic text-to-speech programs. The pricing plans provide flexibility for both personal and commercial use, with options for free usage or premium features for a nominal fee. Overall, Play HT is a versatile tool that guarantees clear and realistic voices, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their audio projects.