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Resilio Sync is an innovative file sync software that lets you keep all your files and folders in sync across all your devices. This means that you can access any file, any where, at any time. Additionally, Resilio Sync offers secure encrypted storage for synchronized data so that no one else can access your files without your permission.

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Resilio Sync Features

  • Resilio Sync FeaturesOne-Time File Send : Send a single file without having to worry about synchronization conflicts or losing data.
  • Resilio Sync FeaturesSelective Sync : Selectively sync files or folders in order to avoid sending unnecessary content unnecessarily.
  • Resilio Sync FeaturesCamera Backup : Ensures that all photos and videos taken using your camera are automatically backed up.
  • Resilio Sync FeaturesDirect Transfers : Transfers your files directly using BitTorrent P2P technology and does not store your info.
  • Resilio Sync FeaturesFile-Level Deduplication : Automatically removes duplicate files from your storage environment, saving you time and space.
  • Resilio Sync FeaturesControl Bandwidth Usage : Allows you to limit how much data Resilio Sync consumes while synchronizing your files.

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  • Natalie D.Project Coordinator



    Resilio is one of the best subscriptions we have as a team. It is highly recommended if you work with large files that are difficult to email or send otherwise.
    Dropbox was becoming a real hassle trying to handle the storage space.
    The best part of this software is that it is relatively inexpensive and it allows you to simply drop large media files in to an integrated folder on your desktop. Our team uses this to share large media files because we cannot send them via email or another software. I think it is much better than dropbox because you don't have to log in or worry about the storage size.
    Sometimes there is a lag time between when you drop a media file in the folder, but it usually isn't more than an hour or so.

  • b1be05



    Just Reviewed to post THIS []( (not mine) will mirror if needed .. You get v1.4.111 - linux/windows/osx + android .. Have FUN!

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Sync Family Pro
StartingUSD 99.9/moBilled Monthly
Sync Business
StartingUSD 35/moBilled Monthly