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Runway ML offers a free plan with 125 credits and the capability to create 3 projects. It also comes with various paid plans for users seeking access to all premium features with a flexible pricing structure that starts at just $15 per month. With the paid plans, users can unlock advanced tools, enjoy unlimited video editing projects, and take advantage of more credits, ensuring a seamless and immersive creative experience.

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Runway ML Pricing Plans & Packages

Runway ML is revolutionizing the creative process with its AI-powered platform that empowers artists, designers, filmmakers, educators, and researchers to transform text, images, and videos into stunning visual and auditory masterpieces. With two versions available, including the latest Gen 2 iteration, this platform harnesses the power of AI to accomplish a wide array of tasks and open up new possibilities for creative expression.

The user-friendly dashboard of Runway ML allows easy access to all features available in both Gen 1 and Gen 2. Seamlessly navigate between different tools, view and manage past projects, and even collaborate with teammates. From generating realistic images to producing captivating videos and synthesizing captivating audio, Runway ML provides all the tools you need to bring your imagination to life. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced creator, this platform offers comprehensive tutorials tailored to help you unlock your creative potential more efficiently. Experience an all-in-one platform where you can unleash your creativity with ease.

Runway ML Pricing Plans

Runway ML offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Basic plan, priced at $15 per month or $12 per year, provides 125 credits and 5GB of assets for editing purposes. This plan is designed for users who require basic features such as limited video and image generation capabilities.

For users looking for more advanced features, the Standard plan is available at $35 per month or $28 per year. This plan includes 625 credits per month, the ability to upscale resolution and remove watermarks on Gen-1 and Gen-2, unlimited video editor projects, and more. It also allows users to train custom AI generators and offers additional benefits like 100GB of assets and up to 5 editors.

Additionally, Runway ML offers an Enterprise plan with custom credit amounts and advanced features tailored to large organizations. This plan includes advanced security and compliance measures, ongoing support programs, model customizations, integration with internal tools, and more.

Overall, Runway ML's pricing plans provide options for users with varying needs and budgets. Whether you are a beginner exploring the platform or a professional seeking advanced features, there is a plan that suits your requirements.

  • Basic

    The Basic pricing plan offered by Runway ML provides users with an affordable option to access the platform's features and tools. It allows individuals to get started with limited credits and assets, making it suitable for those who are just beginning to explore the creative possibilities of AI.

  • Standard

    The Standard pricing plan offered by Runway ML provides users with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities. With this plan, users can access advanced tools and functionalities to enhance their creative projects.

  • Pro

    The Pro pricing plan offered by Runway ML provides users with an elevated level of access and capabilities on the platform. This plan caters to those who require more advanced features and a higher credit limit for their creative projects.

  • Enterprise

    The Enterprise plan offered by Runway ML is designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of large organizations. This plan provides advanced security and compliance, ongoing success programs, model customizations, enterprise-wide support, custom storage options, and integration with internal tools.


In conclusion, Runway ML is an AI-powered platform that has revolutionized the creative process by harnessing the power of AI to transform text, images, and videos into stunning visual and auditory masterpieces. With its user-friendly dashboard and a wide range of tools, this platform offers a holistic environment for artists, filmmakers, designers, educators, and researchers to unleash their creativity. The pricing plans cater to different needs and budgets, providing access to powerful features like video editing in 4K and training custom AI generators. Whether you choose the Basic, Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan, Runway ML offers an affordable and comprehensive solution for all your creative needs.