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SAP BI is a comprehensive business intelligence tool that provides a centralized platform for data reporting, visualization, and sharing. It enables organizations to gather, analyze, and present data from various sources, allowing users to make informed business decisions. With its intuitive interface and robust features, this tool streamlines data management processes and facilitates effective communication of insights across the organization.

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SAP BI Features

  • SAP BI FeaturesAd-hoc reporting : Enables users to create and generate on-demand reports and queries, allowing flexible exploration of data.
  • SAP BI FeaturesRole-based dashboard : Users can access personalized dashboards tailored to their roles, providing relevant insights and information for effective decision-making.
  • SAP BI FeaturesLarge-scale data analytics : Supports the analysis of vast datasets, facilitating in-depth exploration and discovery of business insights.
  • SAP BI FeaturesData Visualization : Allows users to present data in visually compelling formats such as charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards.
  • SAP BI FeaturesMultidimensional data analysis : Enable users to explore data from various dimensions and hierarchies to gain a comprehensive understanding.
  • SAP BI FeaturesData Transformation : Transforms raw data into actionable insights, helping organizations derive value from their data assets.

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  • Verified UserProject Manager



    SAP ERP is used in our company to support main business processes including finance (treasury, AP & AR), warehouse operations, purchasing, goods movements, and sales management both for wholesale customers and for retail customers. SAP ERP simplifies the management of the core business processes providing complete traceability to the company. Also, SAP ERP integrates with stores IT systems allowing the back office to know our replenishment needs as well as the money collected on each store.
    Complete traceability of business processes. It covers all business requirements and allows minor modifications to adapt it to our needs.

  • Verified UserManager



    SAP ERP is being used across the entire organization. We control production and inventory, maintenance, sales orders finance and controlling and project systems. We were able to consolidate all processes cross regions in one single SAP instance. We are now at the point where we can take advantage of the structured data collected through transactional data into analytical tools like Power BI. The main challenge of SAP ERG is usability I would say. In a world where user interface needs to be easy and fast. SAP has a long way to go in this area.
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