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Screenleap offers versatile pricing options to suit various needs. Users can opt for the free plan, providing basic screen-sharing capabilities. For more advanced features, paid plans are available, starting at just $15 per month. This affordability makes Screenleap an accessible choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable screen-sharing solutions.

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Screenleap Pricing Plans & Packages

Screenleap is the ultimate online meeting and screen sharing software that brings seamless collaboration to teams and individuals. With its user-friendly interface, Screenleap allows you to securely connect with others in real-time, making it easy to discuss files, presentations, and more. Whether you're working remotely or need to collaborate with a team, Screenleap provides the perfect platform for multiple people to access the same material simultaneously.

But Screenleap offers much more than just screen sharing. It also allows you to effortlessly share photos, videos, and conduct video meetings through its Google Chrome extension. With detailed recording and playback functionality, everyone can stay on the same page during meetings without missing any important details.

One of the standout features of Screenleap is its commitment to data protection and security. Your conversations remain confidential thanks to its secure platform. Additionally, businesses can easily incorporate screen-sharing links into their own applications and websites using Screenleap's open API.

Experience the power of real-time collaboration with Screenleap today and revolutionize your online meetings! Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to hassle-free teamwork with this all-in-one solution for productivity and team collaboration.

Screenleap Pricing Plans

Screenleap offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. The Free plan is ideal for those who have occasional screen sharing requirements, providing 40 minutes per day, up to 8 viewers, and 2 scheduled meetings.

For those who require more advanced features, the Basic plan is available for $15 per month. With this plan, users can enjoy 8 hours per day of screen sharing, accommodate up to 30 viewers, and have unlimited meetings. Control sharing and website integration are also included.

The Pro plan, priced at $31 per month, is designed for professionals who need unlimited sharing capabilities. With this plan, users can share their screen with up to 150 viewers simultaneously and have unlimited meetings. Control sharing and website integration are also provided.

Lastly, the Company plan is available for $39 per month. This plan caters to businesses that require customization options such as branding, account management features, an embeddable viewer, and centralized billing.

Overall, Screenleap's pricing plans offer flexibility and scalability for individuals as well as small and large businesses. Whether you need basic screen sharing or advanced collaboration features, Screenleap has a plan that suits your needs.

  • Free

    The Free plan offered by Screenleap provides users with a basic level of access to their screen sharing and online meeting software. This plan is designed for those who have minimal requirements and are looking for a cost-effective solution.

  • Basic

    The Basic pricing plan offered by Screenleap provides users with a comprehensive set of features and functionalities. It is designed to cater to the needs of individuals and small teams who require a reliable and efficient screen sharing solution. With its affordable monthly price, the Basic plan offers great value for those seeking an easy-to-use platform for online meetings and collaboration.

  • Pro

    The Pro pricing plan offered by Screenleap is designed to cater to the needs of businesses and professionals who require unlimited sharing capabilities and the ability to connect with up to 150 viewers. With its comprehensive features, this plan provides an ideal solution for those looking to enhance their online meetings and screen sharing experiences.

  • Company

    The Company pricing plan offered by Screenleap is designed for businesses and organizations looking for advanced customization options, account management features, embeddable viewers, and centralized billing. With this plan, you can tailor the platform to meet your specific branding needs and efficiently manage multiple accounts within your organization.


In conclusion, Screenleap is a powerful online meeting and screen sharing software that offers a range of features to enhance productivity and collaboration. From its user-friendly interface to its secure platform, Screenleap provides a seamless experience for real-time communication and file sharing. With flexible pricing plans catering to different needs, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the convenience and efficiency that Screenleap offers. Whether you're working remotely or collaborating with a team, Screenleap is the ultimate tool to revolutionize your online meetings and improve overall productivity.