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Zellim offers a versatile range of pricing options to cater to different needs. Users can enjoy its features for free with the basic plan. For more advanced capabilities and increased functionality, there are several paid plans available, starting from just $9 per seat per month. This affordability makes Zellim an accessible and cost-effective choice for individuals and businesses alike.

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Zellim Pricing Plans & Packages

Are you tired of juggling multiple project management tools and struggling to keep up with communication across different platforms? Look no further than Zellim - the ultimate collaboration platform. Designed to streamline your project management and communication needs, Zellim offers a wide range of features that make it the ideal solution for both personal and professional use.

With Zellim, you can say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different tools and platforms. This all-in-one platform allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously, keeping track of deadlines, milestones, tasks, resources, and results all within one user-friendly interface. The time tracker feature ensures that you can effortlessly monitor your hours worked and calculate rates or bonuses for employees.

In addition to its powerful project management capabilities, Zellim also offers seamless communication features. From real-time chat to voice channels, collaborating with colleagues has never been easier. With Zellim's intuitive interface, you can break down communication barriers and boost team morale.

Whether you're a freelancer or part of a large enterprise, Zellim has flexible pricing options tailored to suit your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance productivity and streamline workflows with Zellim. Visit our website today to learn more about our pricing options and start collaborating like never before!

Zellim Pricing Plans

Zellim offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. These plans are designed to provide users with access to different features and capabilities based on their requirements. With options starting from the Personal plan for individual freelancers or small teams, all the way up to the Enterprise plan for large organizations, Zellim ensures that there is a plan suitable for everyone.

The pricing plans offered by Zellim allow users to choose the features and functionalities they need at a price point that fits their budget. Whether it's unlimited meetings, real-time chat, task time tracking, or project and template creation, each plan offers a unique set of capabilities that can enhance collaboration and streamline workflows. By providing flexible pricing options, Zellim aims to make its collaboration platform accessible to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. Overall, Zellim's pricing plans play a crucial role in enabling users to leverage the power of its project management and communication tools while staying within their budget constraints.

  • Personal

    The Personal pricing plan offered by Zellim is designed for individuals looking to streamline their project management and communication needs. It provides a comprehensive solution without overwhelming users with unnecessary features or costs.

  • Basic

    The Basic pricing plan offered by Zellim provides users with additional features and capabilities beyond the free plan. With a monthly price of $9, this plan is designed to enhance your project management and communication needs.

  • Professional

    The Professional pricing plan offered by Zellim is designed to meet the needs of businesses and professionals looking for advanced collaboration features. This plan provides access to a wide range of tools and functionalities that can enhance project management and communication capabilities.

  • Business

    The Business plan offered by Zellim is designed to meet the needs of medium to large-sized businesses. It provides advanced features and capabilities to help businesses streamline their project management and communication processes.

  • Enterprise

    The Enterprise pricing plan offered by Zellim is designed for organizations with larger collaboration needs. It provides a comprehensive solution that caters to the requirements of businesses on a larger scale.


In conclusion, Zellim is a comprehensive collaboration platform that offers a wide range of features to streamline project management and communication. With its intuitive interface and customizable workspace configurations, Zellim allows users to efficiently manage multiple projects and stay connected with colleagues. The pricing plans are flexible and cater to the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a freelancer or part of a large enterprise, Zellim has the tools to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. With its rich feature set and affordable pricing options, Zellim is the ultimate solution for effective collaboration.