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SEEQUENT GeoStudio is a comprehensive software suite used in geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental engineering for analyzing and modeling soil and rock behavior. It offers a wide range of modules for tasks such as slope stability analysis, groundwater flow modeling, and finite element analysis. GeoStudio is widely employed in the field of civil engineering to assess and mitigate geotechnical risks in various construction and environmental projects.

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SEEQUENT GeoStudio Features

  • SEEQUENT GeoStudio FeaturesParallel Analysis : Enables concurrent analysis of multiple scenarios, enhancing problem-solving flexibility through efficient parallel processing.
  • SEEQUENT GeoStudio FeaturesCustomized Data Handling : Allows users to tailor their data workspace, facilitating easy access and modification of information views.
  • SEEQUENT GeoStudio FeaturesShortcut Commands : Offers quick access to zooming in on results and monitoring the progress of analysis processes.
  • SEEQUENT GeoStudio FeaturesAdd-in API : Supports the integration with external applications, enhancing its extensibility to specific project requirements.
  • SEEQUENT GeoStudio FeaturesCollaborative Environment : Facilitates remote team collaboration, enabling real-time integration of data and software for informed decisions.
  • SEEQUENT GeoStudio FeaturesCross-Platform Accessibility : Access on both desktop and the Cloud, combining the power of various software tools and enabling seamless integration.

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    GeoStudio 2D
    StartingINR 225500/moBilled Anually
    GeoStudio 3D
    StartingINR 572000/moBilled Anually
    GetStudio Flow
    StartingINR 338700/moBilled Anually