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To get access to more than 500 features like Automated CRM, Built-in Calling, Text, Video, and MMS, or AI Sales Automation, you can either go with the $119/user(Monthly Plan) or the Annual Plan starting at $99/user.

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Price ImageShape Pricing Plan
StartingUSD 99/moBilled Monthly

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Price ImageIntegrated Customer Portal (POS)
StartingUSD 59/moBilled Monthly

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Price ImageDigital Ads & IP Target Marketing
StartingUSD 0/moBilled Monthly

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Price ImageShapeIQ Lead Scoring
StartingUSD 0/moBilled Monthly

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Shape Software Pricing Plans & Packages

Are you tired of managing your sales process and marketing campaigns manually? Look no further than Shape Software. Shape is a cloud-based CRM, sales, and marketing automation software that is designed to streamline your contact management, lead scoring, and marketing automation tasks. With over 500 powerful features, Shape offers a comprehensive solution for businesses in various industries.

Whether you are in real estate, legal, finance, mortgage, education or any other industry, Shape can simplify your sales and marketing activities. The software provides automation capabilities, professional document creation and sharing, detailed reporting and tracking, efficient billing processes, and integration with popular tools like MailChimp and G Suite. With its simplicity of use and customization options to match your specific business needs, managing your sales process has never been easier.

Upgrade your business today with Shape Software and say goodbye to manual tasks. Experience the efficiency of a cloud-based CRM software that revolutionizes the way you manage your sales process and optimize your marketing efforts. Shape is here to enhance your business's productivity and help you close deals effortlessly.

Shape Software Pricing Plans

Shape Software offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the needs of businesses looking to enhance their sales process and improve their marketing efforts. With monthly prices starting at $99, Shape provides access to a comprehensive set of features including automated CRM, built-in calling, text messaging, AI sales automation, marketing sequences, document storage, custom configurations, digital advertising, analytics and reporting, and integration with over 1000 APIs.

One of the notable pricing plans offered by Shape is the Integrated Customer Portal (POS) plan, available at a monthly price of $59. This plan includes features such as a secure customer portal, streamlined lead funnels, survey-style questionnaires, document requests, automatic updates, eSignature solutions, file sharing, and progress tracking.

With its affordable pricing options and extensive range of features for managing sales and marketing activities effectively, Shape Software is a valuable solution for businesses across various industries. Whether it's automating CRM processes or integrating with popular tools like MailChimp and G Suite, Shape aims to simplify tasks and optimize workflows for improved efficiency. Upgrade your business today with Shape Software!

  • Shape Pricing Plan

    The Shape Pricing Plan offers businesses an affordable solution for accessing the powerful features of Shape Software. With competitive monthly pricing, businesses can take advantage of the capabilities provided by Shape without breaking the bank.

  • Integrated Customer Portal (POS)

    The Integrated Customer Portal (POS) offered by Shape Software is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance customer interactions and streamline lead management processes. This pricing plan provides businesses with the tools they need to create a seamless customer experience and optimize their sales funnels.

  • Digital Ads & IP Target Marketing

    The Digital Ads & IP Target Marketing pricing plan offered by Shape Software provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for their digital advertising needs. With a range of features and capabilities, this plan allows businesses to target their audience effectively and monitor the performance of their campaigns. By leveraging digital ads and IP targeting, businesses can enhance their marketing efforts and drive better results.

  • ShapeIQ Lead Scoring

    Shape Software offers a pricing plan called ShapeIQ Lead Scoring. This plan focuses on providing businesses with advanced lead scoring capabilities and AI intelligence to help them prioritize their prospects and make data-driven decisions.


In conclusion, Shape Software offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing processes. With its array of features, including automated CRM, AI sales automation, and digital advertising capabilities, Shape empowers users to optimize their customer interactions and drive revenue growth. The pricing plans are affordable and flexible, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Overall, Shape Software is a valuable tool that can revolutionize the way businesses manage their sales and marketing activities, leading to increased efficiency and success.