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Wordable is the ideal online tool for content managers and blog editors, allowing them to easily export Google Doc files to WordPress, Medium, HubSpot, and other platforms. Users can write files and share them with team members to improve collaboration.

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  • Wordable FeaturesStatus Alert : Allows you to set alerts on individual documents like ready to export, pending, or under review.
  • Wordable FeaturesCross-Access : Allows everyone to view and import documents from team members’ Drives.
  • Wordable FeaturesImages Management : Allows for images editing and optimization (including alt text importing) prior to publishing.
  • Wordable FeaturesExtensive Control : Provides full control over document’s individual elements including title, URL, and featured image.
  • Wordable FeaturesSuper Setup : Setup your preferences once, and then use 1-click to export as many documents as you’d like.
  • Wordable FeaturesIntercom Support : Offers support via Intercom on publishing workflow, efficiently working, and automation.

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    I no longer have to worry about downloading a Google doc as a zip file, renaming images, and then re-uploading everything into wordpress. It quickly/easily copies everything into a post... Biggest benefit is time saved. What used to take about 15-20 minutes per post, now takes about 15 seconds.
    It provides an easy 1-click process for adding any Google Document into wordpress as a draft post. This has been incredibly helpful and has saved me hours of work.
    I don't like that you have to go into the website to add the content as a draft. The pricing is a little steep if you are only doing 1-2 posts per month. I could have done the free account, but since I have multiple blogs, I had to pay.

  • Michael L.Director of Product



    Sorry to be harsh, but I do not like this product at all. It was at least usable before they updated to it's most recent version in 2021. When it worked, I liked that it let me copy content from Google Docs into my Wordpress CMS. Now it does not do that well, easily, or reliably, so there is literally nothing to like anymore. This product is incredibly buggy. I haven't been able to get it working since they updated it. Before it was at least OK enough to post your Google Docs to Wordpress. Now it is so error-prone and buggy that I cannot even get a post to into Wordpress without having image issues or other problemsand that's only after multiple hours of trouble shooting. You'd be better off typing your post into Wordpress from scratch than trying to get this buggy and confusing product working. While it's meant to be a time saver, this product has become a time-suck, and it is completely unreliable. There are alternatives available, and I'd recommend seeking them out. And the support-chat is no longer available on their site, so there is no one to provide assistance... just a few videos trying to explain how to use it. Avoide this product unless you want to go down a rabbit hole of troubleshooting problems that you shouldn't have to deal with. Post manually, hire a contractor, or use one of the competing plugins/products. I've lost at least a full day of productivity to "figuring out" this broken and buggy product. I *was* using Wordable to copy articles from Google Docs into my Wordpress site. Now, the product is so buggy and confusing, I can't even do that. It's the only thing Wordable was built to do, and the product has become so messy that it actually takes more time to import using Wordable than it does to manually upload every image and copy/paste/edit the content.

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