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Regarding pricing, Zoho Commerce provides three paid subscription options: Starter, Professional, and Advanced. The Starter plan costs $12.04 per month, the Professional plan is priced at $36.14 per month, and the Advanced plan is available for $84.34 per month. While there is no free plan or demo version, Zoho Commerce does offer a 30-day free trial across all subscription tiers. This allows users to fully explore the platform and its features before committing to a paid plan, with the added benefit of not requiring credit card details during the sign-up process for the trial.

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Zoho Commerce Pricing Plans & Packages

Zoho Commerce is a cutting-edge eCommerce platform that empowers businesses to create and manage their own online stores with ease. Whether you have coding experience or not, this user-friendly platform provides a seamless way to design appealing websites through its professional templates and intuitive interface. With Zoho Commerce, businesses can take advantage of essential features like inventory management, order fulfillment, automated taxes, payments, and real-time reports for data analysis.

One of the standout features of Zoho Commerce is its integration capabilities with other apps within the Zoho suite. This allows businesses to measure their functionality as sales increase and ensures a cohesive experience across all aspects of operations. Additionally, Zoho Commerce offers a 30-day free trial for users to experience its capabilities before deciding on one of the premium plans that cater to different business requirements. With its easy setup process, brand marketing tools, powerful integration options, reliable customer support team available 24/7, and seamless connectivity with popular third-party applications, Zoho Commerce provides businesses with everything they need to scale their operations and reach a global audience.

Zoho Commerce Pricing Plans

Zoho Commerce offers three pricing plans: Starter, Professional, and Advanced. These plans cater to different business requirements and provide access to a range of features essential for running an online store.

The Starter plan, priced at ₹999 per month or ₹799 per year, includes features such as a responsive website builder, free hosting with SSL, unlimited bandwidth, customer and sales reports, payments and shipping integrations, basic coupons, and more. It also allows for up to 2,000 products and 2,000 customer accounts.

The Professional plan is priced at ₹2,999 per month or ₹2,399 per year and includes everything in the Starter plan plus additional features like product reviews and ratings, advanced traffic and fraud analytics, live shipping rates, advanced coupons, custom product fields, and more. This plan allows for up to 10,000 products and unlimited customer accounts.

The top-tier Advanced plan is priced at ₹5,599 per month or ₹6,999 per year. It includes all the features of the Starter and Professional plans along with added functionalities like composite items, price lists, serial batch tracking, mega menu options, filters,and more. This plan allows for up to 50 pick-up locations and supports up to 50,000 products.

These pricing plans offer businesses flexibility in choosing the features they need based on their size and requirements. With Zoho Commerce's comprehensive set of tools and affordable pricing options,Zoho Commerce is well-positioned as a competitive eCommerce platform in the market.

  • Starter

    The Starter plan offered by Zoho Commerce is a budget-friendly option designed to meet the basic needs of businesses looking to establish an online presence. It provides essential tools and functionalities without overwhelming users with advanced features.

  • Professional

    The Professional plan offered by Zoho Commerce is a comprehensive pricing option designed to meet the needs of businesses looking for advanced features and capabilities in their eCommerce platform. With its robust offerings, this plan provides businesses with the tools they need to optimize their online store and drive sales.

  • Advance

    The Advance plan offered by Zoho Commerce is a premium pricing option that provides businesses with advanced features and capabilities to enhance their online store. It offers an extensive range of tools and functionalities designed to help businesses scale their operations and reach a wider audience.


In conclusion, Zoho Commerce is a comprehensive eCommerce platform that offers businesses an easy and user-friendly solution to launch and maintain their online stores. With its range of features, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and real-time reports, businesses can efficiently manage their operations and reach a global audience. The pricing plans cater to different business requirements, providing access to premium services at affordable rates. With seamless integration options and reliable customer support available 24/7, Zoho Commerce enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their online stores and scale their operations effectively.