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Apple Pay is a cloud-based mobile payment solution that offers businesses secured monetary transactions along with tracking of sales, processing of payments, etc. It is designed for iOS users to make it more flexible to make payments online without the risk of a security breach.

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Top Comments by G2
Positive Comments
  • Chloe Nicole L. Talent Acquisition/Specialized Talent Sourcer at Cooper Health

    Easy transactions, increased security, and a larger client base. Tokenization is another feature of Apple Pay that improves security by substituting distinct tokens for sensitive card information with each transaction. This can lower the possibility of fraud and illegal transactions, giving consumers and businesses peace of mind. Also Apple Pay provides a wide range of Apple products Apple Pay, making it available to a large user base and giving retailers access to a substantial market of Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch owners. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Spencer S.Information Technology and Services

    Convenience and Ease of Use. Apple Pay offers customers a seamless and quick checkout experience. I can tap their device or use biometric authentication (such as Touch ID or Face ID) to complete the payment, eliminating the need for physical credit cards or manually entering payment details. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Shaunak P.M

    The most convenient method of payment. You can simply use your phone or apple watch to make the payment in a matter of seconds. Love the ease and simplicity of the product. It makes the transactions hassle-free. Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Daniel G.Assistant General Manager

    Only downside is the lack of privacy; with so many revelations of companies selling meta data and using it to influence our decisions, its scary to know this happens without our knowledge. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Brittni W.Sr. Product Implementation Specialist

    Getting everything set up is a bit of a struggle. It's not ideal. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in RetailEnterprise(> 1000 emp.)

    Can feel less secure having everything on your one device Review collected by and hosted on

Top Comments by Trustradius
Positive Comments
  • Spencer TallyAccount Manager

    Apple Pay is great for consolidating cards, gym membership, or transferring money easily. It makes traveling easier, as I can manage all my cards with the security of my passcode or face ID. It's widely used at most POS systems or at gas stations when traveling. You can also add plane tickets for flying as well.
    Increase purchase speed Provide security Consolidate cards All transferring funds without using cash

  • David LopezOwner

    I have used Apple Pay to get paid by some of my customers. Also I have used Apple Pay for purchasing items needed for the business. It helps us to be able to do this in a fraction of the time and it also makes it’s easy to keep track of payments and purchases.
    Ease of use. Simple and easy to make purchases at merchants so you can get back to what’s more important at your business. Fast and secure way to get paid by customers. Fast and secure way to pay suppliers.

  • Zachary SchulmanPhotographer + Owner

    Apple Pay is currently used in my organization on my iPhone. I use it regularly for in-person and online purchases. Since I'm a sole proprietor, it is used across the whole organization (or one person). I find it extremely useful to streamline the purchase of goods and services. It is very fast and so easy to use.