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Elavon is a trusted global payment processing solution that handles all the payments-related operations of a business while helping them grow online. From small-size enterprises to mid and large-level enterprises, it is quite capable of taking care of all the transactions efficiently resulting in an increase in the cash flow of businesses.

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Top Comments by GetApp
Positive Comments
  • Julie G.Automotive

    We love have a POS machine in our office for our repair shop payments.

  • Cori A.Law Practice

    This software is easy to learn and use. The processes are intuitive and it rarely has technical problems.

  • Stevie C.Nonprofit Organization Management

    Elavon has the best rates for non profit long time customers, any time an issue has arose contacting customer service is a breeze.

Top Comments by Capterra
  • Mai D.Owner

    Overall: We dont normally write a bad review but we got really bad experience with Elavon as well as Talech! We took over the restaurant for 3 months and started to use Elavon service, everything went well at the beginning. Till last 3 weeks, I have received a call from Elavon and said there was two accounts opened under my name and they offered to close one of the account for me to avoid additional charge. Few days after that, without any care from their employees, all of the accounts under my name were locked while the business is still operating and caused us into troubles. I have reached out to Customer Care and requested to get our accounts re-opened, then we got the issues with the gift cards payment. I ended up to contact customer service again and received a case number. In order to get the issues resolved faster, I even have reached out to Manager and asked for help, he did help by sending us over a new terminal just for the gift card purposes. After a few days, the new terminal was sent over, it still didnt work. I reached out to Manager and customer service again. Elavon & Talech kept blaming each other and the gift card issues still here, all i received is case number! Its been almost 3 weeks waiting in hopeless, we got lots of customers upset and this also hurts our business a lot. I couldnt believe a big company like Elavon will handle customers issues without care & without professionalism like this. Still believe there are many other organizations out there will offer better service than Elavon & Talech

  • Ronnie T.CEO

    Overall: The fees can be frustrating, and trying to determine how much will be taken out of a given transaction is difficult. That being said, in order to operate at all in this field, you must be able to accept a wide range of payments. There is no way to avoid this operating cost, so we've made the decision to use Elavon as our main payment processor. The extra costs are mitigated by the trust our customers have in us knowing we use a reputable and secure payment processor. I wish there was a way to operate where that big of a percentage of each transaction did not have to be sent to a third party in order to verify availability of funds immediately. With no real hope for that to turn into a reality, we will continue to send 2-3% of each swipe to Elavon.

  • Stevie C.Office manager

    Overall: Long time satisfied customer, love that the terminal is easy to use and generally has no issues.

  • Lori L.Owner

    Overall: I didn't like it. I found it difficult to use and complicated compared to others.

  • Robert M.Sr. Web Developer

    "Superb and Secure Payment Processing"

  • Nicole S.Corporate Secretary

    "Challenges with communication"