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Craiyon is an AI image generator developed to help users, like content creators, artists, etc., generate creative images by providing necessary prompts. The generated images can be downloaded and edited to print them on the t-shirts sold which are sold separately on Craiyon Store. The results of Craiyon keep on improving due to the regular roll-out of enhancement updates.

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  • Guest

    Reflecting on my recent experience, I can confidently say that the performance of the tool was a disaster. The results were subpar, failing to meet the standards set by similar platforms such as Mid journey or DALLE. The user experience was severely compromised by the obnoxious amount of ads, making it almost unbearable to use. On top of that, the platform's slow and cumbersome nature added to the frustration of the situation. It was poorly trained and unprepared for prime time, making it see...

  • Guest

    I was looking for an alternate to MidJourney, Craiyon has a long way to go, I can see that it will get there eventually, but images are unfortunately unusable at the moment

  • evanbindz

    It's fast and fun! Unfortunately the new Craiyon webapp has a more limited license and seems to be closed source.

  • sanrionislove

    Not very good results at all as far as AI's go.