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CommPeak is a cloud-based contact center solution that offers an easy way to manage your contact center from anywhere in the world. You can monitor, improve and also easily engage with customers through chat, phone, email, and other channels. Also, CommPeak provides comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your business operations so you can track progress and make adjustments as needed.

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  • CommPeak FeaturesMultiple SMS Types : Offers a variety of SMS types like promotional, transactional, OTP Messages, etc.
  • CommPeak FeaturesVast Vocabulary : Allows conversion of recordings into over 75 languages using the speech-to-text app.
  • CommPeak FeaturesMultiple-Language Recognition : Select a primary language, and about three additional languages.
  • CommPeak FeaturesIn-Depth Reports : Use EDRs to understand the SMS performance and optimize the sending process.
  • CommPeak FeaturesCommPeak Dialer : Boost your productivity and increase your sales using this predictive dialer.
  • CommPeak FeaturesVoIP Service : Premium A-Z VoIP services with connections to tier 1 provider, strong partnerships, etc.

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  • Lasha T.Manager



    I like how easy it is to use. I only needed one training session before I felt like I had a good handle on things. The dashboard is pretty straightforward, and I can easily find everything I need, like current call status, queues, and account balance. My agents also understood the system fairly quickly, and its helpful that they have their own dashboard that they can monitor their personal performance on. The PBX also integrated with my Zoho CRM with no issues. My agents use click-2-call all the time without any problems. Nothing. This is the easiest PBX system Ive ever used for my business and it makes operations run really well. Ive used a couple of other cloud PBXes from other vendors, but they all were confusing. I wasted too much time trying to figure out how to access certain features and how to evaluate my business performance. I also was spending way too much effort and resources training my agents how to use these over-complicated systems. So in addition to just making all of these processes (calling, CRM integration, performance tracking, training) much more simple, it also reduced my operational costs.

  • VIcky M.Sales Director



    Took them less than a day to get my personal PBX up and running. They made it exactly like I asked for. IVR works well. I also needed specific rules for outgoing calls and they did it with no problem. PBX stats - Super detailed. I can see all the agents and what theyre doing at that moment. Basically instead of needing to find all the information for myself, the CommPeak dashboard does everything for me. There were a couple of times that my password wasnt working, so that was a bit annoying. But I called live support, and they fixed it right away. Now my calling operations run better. The Zoho CRM integration makes it so my agents dont have to log everything. My business just saves a lot of time now that we were spending dealing with complications and human errors.