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Coveo AI is a SaaS search engine solution utilizing advanced algorithms to deliver personalized and relevant search results. With its AI-powered capabilities, it understands user intent, context, and relevance to provide optimal search and recommendation solutions for businesses. Coveo AI optimizes the search experience by leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and tailored search results.

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Coveo AI Features

  • Coveo AI FeaturesA/B Testing : Test and compare different search configurations to optimize relevance and user experience for better results.
  • Coveo AI FeaturesRole Based Access control : Manage data security and permissions by controlling access based on user roles and responsibilities.
  • Coveo AI FeaturesData Replication : Automatically replicate and synchronize data across systems for consistent and up-to-date information retrieval.
  • Coveo AI FeaturesMultilingual search : Support search queries in multiple languages, delivering accurate results to users worldwide.
  • Coveo AI FeaturesPre-configured dashboards : Access ready-made dashboards for easy data visualization and insights into search performance and user behavior
  • Coveo AI FeaturesRecent customer activity : Access a snapshot of a customer's recent actions and consulted resources.

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  • Daniel L.Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)



    I also appreciated the onboarding with the coveo team and appreciate the support, the documentation , courses on Coveo level-up. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Rondel WardWeb Developer



    We implemented Coveo facets and index capabilities for several web based applications that we built for our clients in Sitecore CMS. We primarily use this product to support search pages which can find and filter content in Sitecore and display results in a customized way. This product is used by a few of our clients across widely different verticals. Our application developers use the product most heavily.

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