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Vectara, an AI-powered conversational search platform, represents a groundbreaking innovation in data interaction. By seamlessly integrating semantic and exact match search capabilities, this platform facilitates chat-like conversations with your information, akin to ChatGPT. The remarkable fusion of intelligence and efficiency in Vectara distinguishes it as the most astute website and app search platform attainable, thereby ensuring an unparalleled user experience.

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  • Vectara FeaturesMetadata Annotation : Allows storing useful data alongside documents, eliminating the need for external databases for better organization.
  • Vectara FeaturesData Retention : Processes data into vector embeddings and structured metadata, discarding the original documents for enhanced privacy.
  • Vectara FeaturesBackups : Daily backups enable easy data restoration in case of issues or failures.
  • Vectara FeaturesSnippet Extraction and Highlighting : Display concise, relevant information inline to answer questions effectively in various formats.
  • Vectara FeaturesLLM Powered Summarization : Provides accurate and verifiable summarized responses to real questions for better user engagement.
  • Vectara FeaturesNeural Re-ranking : Utilize cross-attentional neural reranking with Neural2 to maximize precision and retrieve the best answers.

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  • Olga B.Education Management



    It is just amazing! Using blackboard, cobrowsing, screensharing, lessons recording! Scheduling online! Creating personal meeting rooms! Lots of space in the storage! Oh my God, it is dream-like, it is almost fantasy. I cannot believe it exists. It is like I have unleashed my imagination and have seen myself in the other reality. I have not tried out all the options and functions yet, but it is so professional, so perfect, so splendid that I cannot express the overwhelming happiness I feel. Everything is working flawlessly. It is so perfectly structured, organized and implemented that I cannot even explain how much it is precious for me as for a professional TOEFL Coach who has been working since 2011. I am over the moon to use such a reliable, trustworthy, customisable, adaptive, responsive, user-friendly tool! It is highly professional and extremely useful. Vectera is a great helping hand for any language coach, exam coach or experienced tutor working online. It is splendid, adorable, it is impressive and flawless! Easy to access, easy to use, easy to register almost in any browser and OS. Incredible!

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    The lack of knowledge regarding an actual response to a cyber attack and how effective it actually is against the cyber attack. Review collected by and hosted on

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