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Deepgram is renowned for its accuracy and knack for swiftly transcribing audio. It has the capability to consistently produce reliable transcriptions depending upon its recognition of varied accents. On top of this, its ongoing context-based analysis lends itself to granting promptly relevant outputs as well as meticulous outcomes.

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Positive Comments
  • Dan S.Marketing Coordinator

    With Deepgram's advanced AI algorithms, we've been able to transcribe audio content faster than we ever thought possible, and the accuracy is truly impressive. The platform's ability to recognize speech with precision is unmatched, and it has allowed us to save a considerable amount of time and streamline our workflow. Overall, we couldn't be happier with Deepgram's services and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs fast and accurate speech recognition and transcription solutions. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Wes B.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    Deepgram's SDK is very good - I used the typescript library and it included all the correct types, descriptive naming, great examples in JSDoc. I was able to get up an running within a few minutes. The 200 mins free is generous - more than enough to dev on your application and get things to a working state. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Matija .Founding Engineer

    For us, accuracy is crucial. Deepgram has one of the highest levels of accuracy out of all the ASR solutions we compared. Other solutions also had acceptable accuracies, but Deepgram's product consultancy team was beyond amazing, which tipped the scales in favor of Deepgram for us. Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Sebastian P.Machine Learning Engineer - Data Scientist

    Couldnt easily find the price for the tool. If I saw quickly it could be cheaper than our current tool I would keep on trying. I would like models that can perform with music in the background Review collected by and hosted on

  • Dhruv J.Founding Engineer

    The response time of speech to text is a little high. Hindi support would be helpful too. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Chris H.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    More significant issues: The transcription quality is comparable to other services I've used, but still nowhere near good enough to transcribe our podcasts reliably without a LOT of editing. The "keywords" feature can help a little, but it's not perfect. I also had to jump through many hoops to use entire phrases as keywords (such as a brand name or a person's full name). That isn't officially supported (not sure why), but it's so essential that it was worth hacking around that limitation. Review collected by and hosted on