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Domo is a low-code data app solution that uses the power of business intelligence to seamlessly combine all of your data and put it to work across a variety of business workflows. Domo allows users to share customizable dashboards with their clients or partners via embedded built portals, integrated software, or others.

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  • Domo FeaturesCustom Maps : Offers 700+ custom maps to upload your own maps and visualize data in a few clicks.
  • Domo FeaturesBeast Modes : Allows users to calculate metrics from multiple datasets using SQL, etc.
  • Domo FeaturesSmart Text : Helps customize the choice of text on dashboard elements for visuals.
  • Domo FeaturesAlerts : Allows creating alters to manage by exception. Receive them via email, mobile, web, etc.
  • Domo FeaturesPre-built Apps : Find and use pre-built apps and connectors, including business solution apps.
  • Domo FeaturesDomo Stories : Connect apps, images, visualizations, text, etc on an easy-to-use drag-and-drop canvas.

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  • Mark S.Director of Applications



    Our organization implemented DOMO for our business intelligence tool about 6 months ago and we have been very pleased with our experience so far. We now have the ability to see several data sets in one place, which has vastly improved our reporting. DOMO has API's for all of our core applications, which includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions marketing platform, Google Adwords, and other SQL-based applications. Although it is expensive, we have experienced a lot of benefits from DOMO.
    DOMO has API's for just about any application out there, so it is very easy to integrate other applications to DOMO. It is fairly easy to build dashboards and connect your data. It doesn't require any advanced coding skills to use. Our data is easily transformed to fit exactly what we need, which has been a significant benefit for our business intelligence.
    DOMO is very costly compared to other business intelligence tools. That is the biggest drawback to DOMO. However, this cost has been worth it for us so far because our reporting has vastly improved.

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    Domo is the best valued product on the market that what you get is so much beyond what you pay for. There are other powerful tools but more expensive.
    Domo is great for mid-sized to large companies with a team of people dedicated to developing and managing it. It's not great for small teams or 1 person development teams. The tool is too powerful and robust for a small implementation team.
    Dashboard displays Multiple, flexible ways of doing the same thing Great response to users and basing future development on user feedback Powerful nimbleness in adjusting what data Domo is displaying by user
    Need to develop a Beast mode developer so they can be managed outside of card development ETLs need to be a bit simpler to use I'd like to be able to filter off the same field twice (ie, store # > 100 AND store # 2, 4, & 6)