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Domo is a low-code data app solution that uses the power of business intelligence to seamlessly combine all of your data and put it to work across a variety of business workflows. Domo allows users to share customizable dashboards with their clients or partners via embedded built portals, integrated software, or others.

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Domo Features

  • Domo FeaturesCustom Maps : Offers 700+ custom maps to upload your own maps and visualize data in a few clicks.
  • Domo FeaturesBeast Modes : Allows users to calculate metrics from multiple datasets using SQL, etc.
  • Domo FeaturesSmart Text : Helps customize the choice of text on dashboard elements for visuals.
  • Domo FeaturesAlerts : Allows creating alters to manage by exception. Receive them via email, mobile, web, etc.
  • Domo FeaturesPre-built Apps : Find and use pre-built apps and connectors, including business solution apps.
  • Domo FeaturesDomo Stories : Connect apps, images, visualizations, text, etc on an easy-to-use drag-and-drop canvas.

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  • William H McCall - MBAMajor domo



    At RadioShack, Domo provided detail and insight into the business that the field had never had before. Pre-Domo, all the data was aggregated and provided through the Hyperion Excel plug-in. Domo gave store managers insights down to a ticket line level at nearly real-time. I was able to give them time card, inventory, and sales data to a level that allowed them to truly assess how employees in their store were performing. At Daltile, we are able to provide electric cost to plant controllers as soon as ERCOT publishes it intra-day, sales to a ticket line to all the field, and hundreds of other metrics. Our sales dataset is designed to answer any question you could ask about what is selling, where and through what avenue. There are 1500 plus cards driven off that dataset alone to give people across the company the view of sales that they need. The ultimate advantage of Domo is that it is both a data warehouse and for visualization. Power-users in each department can build cards and data for their own teams without programmers. Build the sales dataset once and anyone can build off of it. You do not build one-off reports, you build views of the data as you need them. Cards take a few minutes to build after the hard work of building the underlying dataset is done. People are not spending hours each week building the same report over and over. IT is freed up to work on more important things and so are analysts.
    Build once. modify, reuse, and stop doing the same thing over and over. Everyone is working from the same page/dataset. Super easy to get data in and out of Domo.

  • Rajeev SaxenaAccount Executive



    It helps us understand the information behind the surface. You are well known that Excel can only display so much information. We no longer have to constantly collect and input all of our data by hand. In addition, we can now manipulate and visualize our data in ways that were before unimaginable. It has incredible analytic capabilities, which have improved our ability to use internal data for strategic decision making, especially in the areas of commerce and finance. It is the perfect software for us. Domo user interface is elegant and easy to understand.
    The colours are awful, and the charts and other components are more difficult to work with than those in Power BI and similar programmes. It's not always possible to pinpoint an issue with the SQL in a single sentence. The visual aids may need some improvement, but other than that, everything else is great and runs well.