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Amazon QuickSight automates data analysis to help businesses make better decisions. It provides a powerful and interactive data visualization and machine learning solution that allows you to ask and answer data-related questions. With QuickSight, users can embed, or publish interactive dashboards, and get answers with natural language queries in seconds.

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Amazon QuickSight Features

  • Amazon QuickSight FeaturesTables & Pivot Tables : Customize features like wrap text, align content, etc as per the company's design standards.
  • Amazon QuickSight FeaturesNative AWS Integrations : Offers support to Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Exasol, etc.
  • Amazon QuickSight FeaturesSecurity : Offers end-to-end data encryption for data and at rest for data in SPICE.
  • Amazon QuickSight FeaturesCompliance : HITRUST CSF, PCI, SOC, GDRP, HIPAA, FedRAMP, etc.
  • Amazon QuickSight FeaturesBranded Email Reports : Offers support to custom-branded email reports, email sender domains, etc.
  • Amazon QuickSight FeaturesAccurate Forecasting : Predicts business metrics based on historical trends using ML-powered forecasting features.

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  • Anonymous ReviewerInformation Technology and Services



    Dashboards are very easy to create, a lot of data sources can be easily connected and the Performance of the System is quite great

  • David W.Computer Software



    It's clear QuickSight is a product AWS acquired rather than natively developed because so many things are different or inconsistent with the usual AWS standards - menus, security groups, user accounts, etc. Some things you could only do via the AWS CLI. As an example, until only just recently, QuickSight had no GUI support for groups. We could make groups via the CLI, and then assign data sources and analysis to the group, but it was not available or visible in the GUI in any way. Thankfully, this feature has been added during March or April 2022. Another issue is that QuickSight sometimes doesn't work as you expect. We encountered issues with pivot tables whereby we got different results when pivoting/grouping on a specific column than when we exported the exact same data into Excel and pivoted there. We manually compared each individual row and confirmed we were looking at the exact same data. The Excel pivot was correct, while our QuickSight pivot was doing some averaging. We logged this with AWS support for help and while it was resolved the issue is that some things that ought to be simple and intuitive become a bit more complex in QuickSight. Also, QuickSight can store results for quicker access in storage it calls SPICE, and you buy SPICE quota. However, if you run out of SPICE it won't run your scheduled reports and they simply fail.