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MicroStrategy is rated as the #1 embedded analytics platform, providing in-context insights and analysis faster than any other platform on the market. MicroStrategy supports all applications and devices, making it easy to use anywhere.

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MicroStrategy Features

  • MicroStrategy FeaturesAd hoc Analysis : Allows you to explore and analyze data on a case-by-case basis.
  • MicroStrategy FeaturesCustomizable Reports : Allow you to create customized reports that reflect your specific needs
  • MicroStrategy FeaturesData Mapping : Helps in visualizing your data in an easy-to-understand format.
  • MicroStrategy FeaturesKPI Monitoring : Provides insight into how successful various initiatives are.
  • MicroStrategy FeaturesReal-Time Analytics : Provide real-time updates on key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • MicroStrategy FeaturesSales Reports : Lets you review past sales activity and identify any trends or patterns.

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Top Reviews
  • Srini VeerapaneniManager, Strategy Paypal Mobile



    Ask yourself what's most important for you needs? Speed, accuracy, pretty reports. Then compare the leading players out there and weigh each of them along those three dimensions. While all the leading vendors do a good job of BI, they each excel in a different area and it will be obvious to you once you do the analysis as to which one firts best for your needs.
    Data segmentation is a real strength. I used it extensively to pull data based on geographic and customer demographic lenses Speed. Especially with the basic builders which housed most of the reports I needed, the performance was outstanding. The datamart is huge. Visualization is a strength as well. I felt this was an underrated feature but MSTR produced great graphs.
    While performance was a strength of basic builders, advanced buiders were lacking in performance. Same with visualization. Graphs weren't easy for everyone and you needed bit more technical expertise. Tableau is a great example of how easy it should be for everyone to visualize graphs.

  • Mark SzymulaBI Program Manager



    MSTR is being used by approximately three departments w/in Casey's. We plan on having MSTR be an enterprise-wide solution
    MSTR is suited for a well-governed, solid data environment. While I believe that MSTR, and the rest of BI as a whole, wants to move towards a more self-service business user environment - MSTR still needs a technical staff to support that self service
    MSTR Analytics does visualization very well. Ad-Hoc analysis
    As w/ any tool - the data underneath MSTR has to governed and structured correctly to use in a self service environment MSTR almost demands that you have an MSTR Administrator on staff to keep the semantic layer fresh