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Float offers three flexible plans to suit your needs: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. With pricing starting at just $7.50 per month for the paid plans, Float ensures affordability while providing robust project management solutions. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, there's a Float plan to optimize your resource management and scheduling needs, making it an accessible choice for all.

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Float Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing Float, the ultimate resource management, planning, and scheduling software designed to revolutionize team efficiency. Whether you're an agency, studio, or firm, Float offers a comprehensive range of powerful features to streamline your operations. From tracking expenses and managing budgets to enhancing communication and generating detailed reports, Float provides all the tools you need to stay organized and in control.

With its intuitive design and easy-to-use editing shortcuts, Float makes scheduling tasks and making real-time updates a breeze. Assigning tasks to individuals or teams is just a few clicks away, while setting up milestones for project timelines becomes effortless. With the added functionality of resource pooling, Float ensures that specific tasks are assigned to the right team members based on their availability and skill set requirements.

In conclusion, Float is the go-to solution for efficient team management. Its user-friendly interface simplifies expense tracking, budget management, and effective communication within your team. Real-time updates and accurate reporting provide complete visibility into project progress at all times. The ability to integrate with thousands of apps enhances its versatility while 24/7 customer support ensures assistance whenever needed. Take control of your resources today with Float's powerful resource management software!

Float Pricing Plans

Float offers two pricing plans to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. The first plan is called "Resource Planning" and is priced at $7.5 per month. This plan includes industry-leading resource scheduling, powerful capacity reporting, unlimited projects, and the ability to plan on the go with their mobile apps.

The second plan is called "Resource Planning + Time Tracking" and is priced at $12.5 per month. In addition to all the features included in the Resource Planning plan, this plan also offers fast and easy time tracking, the ability to compare estimates versus actuals, and instant logging of hours with their mobile app.

These pricing plans are significant in the market as they provide businesses with a flexible and affordable solution for managing their resources effectively. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, Float allows businesses to easily budget for their resource management software. The different features offered in each plan allow businesses to choose the one that best suits their needs, whether they require basic resource planning or more advanced time tracking capabilities. Overall, Float's pricing plans offer a comprehensive solution for efficient team management at competitive prices.

  • Resource Planning

    The Resource Planning pricing plan offered by Float is designed to provide businesses with comprehensive resource management capabilities. With this plan, businesses can effectively manage and allocate their resources to optimize productivity and achieve their project goals.

  • Resource Planning + Time Tracking

    The Resource Planning + Time Tracking pricing plan offered by Float provides an additional level of functionality for businesses looking to track and manage their team's time effectively. With this plan, users can benefit from enhanced features that go beyond basic resource planning capabilities.


In conclusion, Float offers a comprehensive solution for efficient team management with its powerful resource planning and time tracking features. The software's intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it easy to stay organized, track expenses, and manage budgets. With transparent pricing options and the ability to choose between monthly or annual billing, Float caters to businesses of all sizes. By providing real-time updates, accurate reporting, and seamless integration with other apps, Float empowers teams to maximize productivity and effectively allocate resources. With 24/7 customer support available, Float ensures that users have the assistance they need every step of the way. Overall, Float is a valuable tool for organizations looking to streamline their resource management processes and drive success.